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Preliminary Summary of Hurricane Igor

Special weather summary message for Newfoundland and Labrador issued
by Environment Canada at 4:47 AM NDT Wednesday 22 September 2010.

The following is a preliminary summary of hurricane igor and its
effects as it passed by just south and east of Newfoundland on
Tuesday September 21 2010...

Hurricane igor began impacting Newfoundland late Monday night into
Tuesday morning with heavy rain and strong winds as it approached the
region from the southwest.  As igor tracked just south of Cape Race
around noon on Tuesday it remained an extremely powerful storm with
intense and heavy rainfall extending well north and west of the storm
centre and a very large area of hurricane force winds immediately
behind it. Even after completing post-tropical transition northeast
of the province in the afternoon, igor continued to pummel the entire
eastern half of Newfoundland with extremely high winds which
continued over most areas well into the evening.

Adding to igor's impacts was a pre-existing trough of low pressure
that tracked slowly eastward across Newfoundland and brought an
initial band of heavy rain to parts of Southern Newfoundland earlier
on Monday.  This trough began to interact with igor as it approached
drawing moisture and some energy from the hurricane and contributed
to some of the extremely heavy rates of rainfall observed over parts
of the province on Tuesday. For example, in the five hour period
between 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM NDT the weather station at Bonavista
received 135 millimetres of rain, including 69 millimetres in a
two-hour period just before the station stopped recording rainfall
when it is believed its rain gauge overflowed.

Reports of extensive flooding, wind damage, and power outages were
received from all over the eastern half of Newfoundland Monday night
and Tuesday as a result of hurricane igor.

Here are some unofficial storm totals from this system as of 2:30 AM

Total rainfall
St. Lawrence                      239 mm
Bonavista                         197 mm (* see note below)
Lethbridge (private station)      174 mm (up to 5:00 PM Tuesday)
St. Pierre                        160 mm
St. John's west                   134 mm
Gander                            124 mm
St. John's airport                120 mm
Brownsdale (private station)      104 mm (up to 5:30 PM Tuesday)
Port union (private station)       79 mm (up to 8:30 AM Tuesday)
Bay d'Espoir (private station)     76 mm (up to 4:00 PM Tuesday)
Cape Race                          51 mm (** see note below)
Burgeo                             41 mm

* stopped reporting rainfall amounts at 1:30PM Tuesday however
significant rainfall still occurred for several hours after.

** did not report between 16Z and 20Z on Tuesday as igor was pulling

Peak wind gusts
Cape pine                  172 km/h
Sagona Island              163 km/h
Bonavista                  155 km/h
Pool's Island              146 km/h
St. John's airport         137 km/h
Grate's cove                135 km/h
St. Pierre                 135 km/h
Argentia                    132 km/h
Twillingate                131 km/h
St. Lawrence               124 km/h
St. John's west     120 km/h
Winterland                 111 km/h
Englee                     111 km/h
Gander                     109 km/h
Cape Race                  106 km/h
Burgeo                     100 km/h
Stephenville                98 km/h
Port aux Basques            95 km/h
St. Anthony                 81 km/h


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