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Happy lunar new year, but is it the Year of the Sheep or the Goat?

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year-of-the-ram-220.jpgToday marks the beginning of the lunar calendar used in many parts of Asia and celebrated around the world. But the lunar new year brings an interesting linguistic and cultural question: Are we in the Year of the Sheep or the Ram or the Goat?

Boston mayor to snow jumpers: 'Stop your nonsense right now!'

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boston-snow-220.jpgThe mayor of Boston has a message for people who are jumping out of windows into the record piles of snow in the city: "I'm asking people to stop their nonsense right now."

Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show has social media in mourning

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si_jon.jpgThe man who has kept many of us laughing through some of the more absurd moments in the last 15 years is saying goodbye. Comedy Central announced comedian Jon Stewart would be leaving The Daily Show at the end of his contract.

#BrianWilliamsMisremembers won't let NBC anchor forget his Iraq claim

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NBC News anchor Brian Williams may misremember the events leading up to his near death while reporting in Iraq in 2003 but social media won't let him forget it.

CBC readers skeptical about new security bill aimed at combating 'lone wolf' attacks

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Prime Minister Harper's Conservative government will introduce new legislation Friday aimed at giving more powers to Canada's police and security agencies.

Eugenie Bouchard asked to twirl: sexist or innocuous?

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  1. si_eugenie.jpg
    Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard was surprised, if not shocked, when a male on-court commentator conducting a post-match interview at the Australian Open made an unusual request: "Can you give us a twirl?"

Hashtag jokes can explode like a 'bolt of lightning,' radio host says

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Twitter's list of Trends is frequently populated with hashtag jokes, a sort of improv comedy game that can start with a single tweet and then spread to cover the entire world. 

Last week, #FiveWordsToRuinADate became a worldwide phenomenon, much to the surprise of its originator, Irish radio host Rick O'Shea.

Conspiracy theorists create their own reality on social media

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si_charlie.jpgLinks to an authentic-looking BBC News article circulated for a while on social media Monday with the headline "Doubts raised over authenticity of Charlie Hebdo footage." 

However, the article and the embedded YouTube video, which also included a BBC News logo and theme, were fake.

How Chris Hadfield would handle an ISS emergency

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hadfield-red-shirt-220.jpgA likely false alarm aboard the International Space Station forced its crew to shut themselves in the Russian segment as a precaution, and former station commander Chris Hadfield took to Twitter to explain how astronauts train for such emergencies

#FoxNewsFacts sends Internet into tizzy of mockery

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si_foxnewsfacts.jpgThe reputation of Fox News appears to have gone from "The Onion-esque" to "full throttle satirical news outlet" in the span of just one interview -- and that's a generous characterization if online reaction to the clip seen below is any indication.