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Loblaws male cashier files grievance over pigtail ban, a controversial story dividing CBC readers

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si_pigtails.jpgAre pigtails a form of self-expression, a food and safety hazard or an outright unhygienic hairdo? 

Readers share their own layoff stories after Tim Hortons cuts

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Tim Hortons Burger KingOur story about a Tim Hortons manager who says she didn't see the company's mass layoffs coming got the CBC News audience talking about their own experiences with job cuts.

New CBC Series: Next Gen Den, Dragons' Den for the Digital Age

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Dragons' Den presents the Next Gen Den, targeting Canadian business start-ups through an online platform.

CBC readers divided on definition of middle class: is it $120,000 as feds suggest?

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  1. Statistics Canada says the median 2012 income level for families of at least two people was $82,100, including government transfers BUT before taxes. (This measure includes families without kids.)

#BreakfastTest The Juicy Secrets behind Orange Juice, CBC's Marketplace investigates

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    Is what I'm eating actually healthy? Do the contents of what I'm buying line up with the marketing of this product? How do I know exactly what I'm putting into my body? These, and other questions, will be addressed in the latest episode of Marketplace tonight on CBC at 8pm ET

Canadians bid adieu to Target, pine for Zellers

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si_oscars2015.jpgTarget Canada announced its plan this morning to close all its stores and halt operations, and Canadians responded on social media, with #Target trending across Canada, along with "Zellers."

Hollywood, Barack Obama, react to FBI blaming Sony hack on North Korea

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si_kim.jpgU.S. investigators have concluded that North Korea was behind the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, according the FBI. 

CBC readers offer solutions to huge cost of obesity

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Nearly half the world's adults will be overweight or obese by 2030 should present trends continue

To Uber? Or not to Uber? That is the question

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si_Uber.jpgRide service causes tension in major Canadian cities

#BandAid30 One Direction, Bono, Sinead O'Connor help fight Ebola

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It's that time of year! Holiday celebrity altruism is back in full force. This year's incarnation stems from the marriage of insidious Christmas music and the Ebola crisis.