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Student mural showing 2 boys kissing stirs debate

Categories: Canada, Community

An Alberta school's decision to cover up a student's mural that shows two boys kissing has sparked a heated debate among readers about how same-sex couples and intimacy are depicted, and how the school handled the situation.

Best place to live in the world? CBC audience discuss Economist rankings

Categories: Canada, Community

The Economist ranks Toronto and Montreal as the world's two best places to live, but CBC audience members share reasons of why their hometown should top the list.

Slain NYPD officers honoured with mourning bands

Categories: World

mourning band-220.jpgFollowing the deaths of two NYPD officers, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. are displaying virtual and physical mourning bands to honour their colleagues. 

Top court's ruling on cellphone searches by police worries CBC readers

Categories: Canada

cellphone-220.jpgCBC News readers voiced their concerns about privacy infringement and possible abuse after Canada's top court allowed police to search people's cellphones upon arrest under strict conditions.

Scottish independence referendum leads to #YesBecause vs. #NoBecause debate online

Categories: World

scottish-independence-220.jpgThe debate about Scotland's future is heating up online as pro-union and pro-independence Scots launched hashtag campaigns like #YesBecause and #NoBecause ahead of the historic referendum on Sept. 18.

Should a minister's social media accounts be considered personal?

Categories: Canada, Politics readers weighed in on the blurred lines between personal expressions and official communications on social media, as Canada's commissioner of official languages launched an investigation into John Baird's Twitter account after receiving a complaint that the foreign affairs minister's tweets are often in English.

Robin Williams's death: sheriff's release of suicide details spurs debate

Categories: Arts & Entertainment readers weighed in on a U.S. law enforcement agency's decision to release the details of Robin Williams's suicide. While some readers found it "disgusting" to disclose graphic details of the death, others argued that transparency is needed to quell speculation and to start an open dialogue on mental health challenges.

Cruise ship's treatment of pregnant woman divides readers

Categories: Canada, Health

A Canadian woman's long-awaited family vacation turned into what she calls a "disaster" when she was denied permission to board a cruise ship after revealing her pregnancy. Her experience and the ensuing discussion about cruise ships' health policies regarding pregnancy divide readers. Some readers argue that the cruise company is simply enforcing rules that are aimed to protect the safety of its passengers, some find the policies targeting pregnant women discriminatory and

Paper bill fees 'ridiculous,' readers say

Categories: Business, Canada

Paper bills prove to be a weighty issue, as Canada's telecommunications regulator announced on Thursday that it is launching a probe into the practice of charging a fee for paper bills in the communications industry. Although a small number of readers say the fee is an incentive for customers to reduce their paper usage, the majority of the readers find the practice unfair. CRTC-220.jpg

Grand Pride Wedding showcases equality, diversity and fashion

Categories: Canada

The Grand Pride Wedding, part of the World Pride festivities, celebrated the union of 110 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited couples. The mass wedding is considered to be the first of its kind in