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Blue Jays catch flak from PETA over tiger cub visit

Categories: Canada, Community, Sports

blue-jays-peta-220.jpgAn animal rights group is riled by a pre-game visit with lion and tiger cubs at the Toronto Blue Jays' clubhouse last week, penning a letter urging they ensure it "is the last time that captive wild animals are used by the team."

Acid attack survivors don designs by fellow survivor in photo shoot

Categories: Community, Features, World

acid-attack-survivors-220.jpgFor Rupa, a dream to be a designer seemed far-fetched at one time. But now the 22-year-old, who survived a vicious acid attack, modelled and created the looks worn by fellow survivors in a powerful photo shoot that is resonating online.

B.C. music festival bans aboriginal headdresses

Categories: Canada, Community

headdress-220.jpgA B.C. outdoor music festival is taking a stern stance on donning aboriginal headdresses at its upcoming four-day event, saying "their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated" regardless of their "aesthetic" lure for some festival attendees.

Florida city bars baggy pants on city property

Categories: Community, World

Baggy pants are a no-go in Ocala, Fla., where its city council recently approved an ordinance making wearing baggy pants on city property illegal.

Pint-sized performer charms crowd at front-porch concert

Categories: Community, Features, World

concert-220.jpgWhat started with a modest, handmade sign by an eight-year-old Minneapolis boy promoting his free concert ballooned into neighbours turning out in droves to pack his front yard for the performance.

U.K. plus-size retailer doles out change room compliments

Categories: Community, Features, World

Change rooms at a U.K. plus-size retailer are telling customers just how great they look in their new outfit, but some feel the pre-recorded flattery is condescending.

Plane pizza party: Pilot treats 160 stranded passengers

Categories: Community, Features, World

pizza-220.jpgWhat is the best remedy for flight delay fatigue and annoyance? A spur-of-the-moment pizza party, obviously -- courtesy of the pilot.

Tour de France riders not thrilled by risky spectator selfies

Categories: Community, Features, Sports, World

tdf-220.jpgKeen selfie-snappers at the Tour de France are feeling the wrath of riders who, while appreciate the support, are not pleased with the risky self-portraits bringing spectators too close for comfort. 

Pet store owner eating only cat, dog food for a month

Categories: Features, Health, World

petfood-220.jpgA Washington woman is eating only pet food in a month-long effort to encourage awareness of the ingredients in food for pets and humans alike.

Facebook photo flap: Mother briefly banned for Coppertone-esque photo of daughter

Categories: Community, Features, World

fb-220.jpgA North Carolina mother got entangled in a dispute with Facebook over a Coppertone-inspired image of her daughter that she considered a "cute" recreation.