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John Bowman I've been with for more than 10 years, so I've done a lot of different jobs on the website. I started blogging for the CBC with the Blog Report on Canada Votes 2006. I'm into science and technology news, and new and nerdy ways to tell stories, like databases, charts and maps. I'm on Twitter @johnbowman.

Happy lunar new year, but is it the Year of the Sheep or the Goat?

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year-of-the-ram-220.jpgToday marks the beginning of the lunar calendar used in many parts of Asia and celebrated around the world. But the lunar new year brings an interesting linguistic and cultural question: Are we in the Year of the Sheep or the Ram or the Goat?

Boston mayor to snow jumpers: 'Stop your nonsense right now!'

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boston-snow-220.jpgThe mayor of Boston has a message for people who are jumping out of windows into the record piles of snow in the city: "I'm asking people to stop their nonsense right now."

Hashtag voting can't be taken seriously

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community, Sports

LowryKyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors was named to the starting lineup of the Eastern Conference team for the NBA All-Star game. He owes this honour, at least in part, to support from thousands of Twitter users who voted for him using the #NBAballot hashtag.

Fan voting on social media has become a common way to decide the winners of these kinds of awards in sports and in entertainment. But can you trust the result of a hashtag vote?

Hashtag jokes can explode like a 'bolt of lightning,' radio host says

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Twitter's list of Trends is frequently populated with hashtag jokes, a sort of improv comedy game that can start with a single tweet and then spread to cover the entire world. 

Last week, #FiveWordsToRuinADate became a worldwide phenomenon, much to the surprise of its originator, Irish radio host Rick O'Shea.

Canadians bid adieu to Target, pine for Zellers

Categories: Business, Community

si_oscars2015.jpgTarget Canada announced its plan this morning to close all its stores and halt operations, and Canadians responded on social media, with #Target trending across Canada, along with "Zellers."

Conspiracy theorists create their own reality on social media

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si_charlie.jpgLinks to an authentic-looking BBC News article circulated for a while on social media Monday with the headline "Doubts raised over authenticity of Charlie Hebdo footage." 

However, the article and the embedded YouTube video, which also included a BBC News logo and theme, were fake.

How Chris Hadfield would handle an ISS emergency

Categories: Community, Science & Technology, World

hadfield-red-shirt-220.jpgA likely false alarm aboard the International Space Station forced its crew to shut themselves in the Russian segment as a precaution, and former station commander Chris Hadfield took to Twitter to explain how astronauts train for such emergencies

Charlie Hebdo: Political cartoonists react to Paris shooting deaths

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cartoonist-220.jpgNews of the deadly attack on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo hit close to home for political cartoonists and other illustrators, who posted their reactions to the violent deaths of their follow artists.

#JeSuisCharlie: Twitter solidarity follows killings at Charlie Hebdo

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charlie-220.jpgIn the wake of the attack on the Paris office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie -- French for "I am Charlie" -- was trending in France, Canada and the U.K., with more than 130,000 mentions on Twitter as of Wednesday morning.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day brings out tacky jumpers for charity

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Christmas sweaterFans of kitschy, tacky and downright ugly holiday sweaters are celebrating on at least two continents today with Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in North America and #ChristmasJumperDay in the U.K.