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David Cameron's serious Twitter photo mocked by celebrities, Sir Patrick Stewart

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community, Politics, World

patrickstewart-selfie-220.jpgCelebrities, and some people with an extra banana lying around, took turns mocking U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron after he tweeted a serious photo of himself. 

Live chat: Youth obsession with technology

Categories: Community, Science & Technology

tech-obsessed-220.jpgReplay our live webcam chat on the obsession today's youth has with technology.

Photographer with sleep paralysis turns "bone chilling hallucinations" into therapy

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community, Health

sleep-paralysis-220.jpgNightmares can startle you awake, but what happens when you feel paralyzed and helpless as a terrifying dream engulfs you as you lie in bed somewhere between sleep and awake? 

Artist turns Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama into drag queens

Categories: Community, Politics, World

putin-dragqueen-220.jpgFresh off the Sochi Olympics circuit, Russia President Vladimir Putin is making his debut as a drag queen. 

Should a transgender person, not Jared Leto, have been cast in Dallas Buyers Club?

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community

leto-trans-woman-220.jpg"Is he any good? Yes. He had me in tears. But is it an Oscar-worthy performance? No. ... For truly accurate portrayals of trans people, cast trans actors."

Legislating cheaper family vacations considered after British parents complain

Categories: Community, World

family-vacation-220.jpg"It's becoming a joke and it's time parents should take a stance to these corporate money-grabbing monsters."

11-year-old boy with cancer pens quirky bucket list after saying no to treatment

Categories: Community, Health, World

sparrow-puddington-220.jpgMost of what he wants is not elaborate. In fact, it could be ripped from the pages of a Christmas wish list that might give parents a chuckle.

Hanksy turns Tom Hanks parody art into real life success

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community, World

hanksy-220.jpg"He admired the street artist Banksy; he grew up on the movies of Tom Hanks. Why not mash up the two?"

Owner of abused, rescued pit bull pens emotional Craigslist letter

Categories: Community, World

cathy-the-pitbull-220.jpg"Your dog is an awesome dog. We love her so much. ... P.S. you can't have her back."

Will Ferrell hailed for launching women-focused production company

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community

ron-burgundy-220.jpgWill Ferrell is, yet again, "kind of a big deal" as his decision to launch a women-focused production company is being celebrated as a big step forward for funny females everywhere.