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A salute to inspiring citizens on National Aboriginal Day

Categories: Canada, Community

si-220-NAD.jpgOn June 21st, Canadians celebrate National Aboriginal Day - a day to recognize the unique cultures and contributions of our country's First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis peoples.

This year you told us about the amazing aboriginal people in your community that inspire you.

REPLAY | Are unpaid internships worth your time?

Categories: Canada, Community, World

This week on CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil went through the arguments for and against unpaid internships with a panel of special guests.

Are these opportunities categorically wrong? Or does it make sense to work for free if it means getting a proverbial foot in the door?

Generation Why says farewell for now

Categories: Canada, Community

gen-why-goodbye-220.jpgBig news this week. After an amazing first run, Generation Why is going on a summer hiatus following this, our fourteenth issue.

It's a great time to weigh in with your feedback! Please email

Facebook to crack down on gender-based hate following outcry

Categories: Community, Science & Technology

Facebook has pledged to "do better" when it comes to rooting out posts that trivialize rape, target women or otherwise incite gender-based violence.

Their five-step pledge to overhaul their policies on controversial, harmful and hateful speech follows mounting pressure from critics and concerned advertisers. 

REPLAY: What's the deal with the Senate, anyway?

Categories: Canada, Community

si-220-senate-04202481.jpgCanada's Senate expense scandal has reignited debate about the value of the Red Chamber and the work that it does.

Thursday on CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil and special guests Senator Mobina Jaffer; Alison Loat, of Samara; and Peter Loewen, of the University of Toronto, got to the bottom of Canada's upper house.

Repairing the damage in this week's Generation Why

Categories: Community

BobbyKnoteyesmallSCan-220.jpgHow does one get through the days and weeks following a natural disaster, a senseless tragedy, or even a crash-landing back on Earth?

In this week's issue of Generation Why, several contributors recommend stories about repairing the damage, and trying to move forward.

12 young leaders changing Canada in this week's Generation Why

Categories: Community

si-220-cover.jpg If the number of young entrepreneurs and innovators in Canada is any indication, the generation that came of age alongside the modern web is ready to rethink everything.

Meet 12 young people our readers nominated as the most dedicated, impressive, creative and intelligent Canadians under the age of 30 they know.

Tell us about leaders and innovators under 30

Categories: Canada, Community

si-220-young-leaders.jpgThe CBC Community team wants you to recommend young Canadians who are already opinion shapers, innovators, and community leaders in a variety of established and emerging fields. The best entries will be published in a special edition of Generation Why, our weekly e-zine by and for young Canadians.

Email with the subject line "Gen Why: young people to watch." 

Generation Why brings 'far away' closer

Categories: Canada, Community, World

In this week's issue of Generation Why, several contributors take a closer look at things that seem far away - and the issues we intentionally distance.


Generation Why explores identity and who gets to belong

Categories: Canada, Community

si-220-gen-why-april-26.jpgIn this week's issue of Generation Why, young Canadians share their news-infused views on what defines us as Canadians, both on the whole and as individuals within this vast and diverse nation.