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Is long-term weight loss impossible? CBC readers divided

Categories: Canada, Community, Health

weight_220.jpgThis week, CBC News reported on obesity research that suggests it's nearly impossible to permanently lose weight.

The story got hundreds of comments on our website and left readers divided.

Ottawa snooping on social media: CBC readers weigh in

Categories: Canada, Politics

privacy_220.jpgCanada's interim privacy commissioner Chantal Bernier says federal government departments are collecting data on Canadians via their social media accounts for no good reason.

CBC Community asked our readers to weigh in on this story. We got dozens of responses on social media and hundreds of comments on our website.

Mother's Day 2014: Advice for new moms

Categories: Canada, Features

moms_220.jpgSunday is Mother's Day.

In the lead up to the special day, CBC Community wants to collect some life lessons from the moms (and mums!)  in our audience.

Should the Mount Everest climbing season resume? CBC Community weighs in

Categories: World

mount-everest-sherpas_220.jpgThe future of the current Mount Everest climbing season is up in the air. Expedition companies are cancelling climbs and Sherpas are pulling out after an avalanche killed 16 guides last week. We asked you to weigh in on whether the current season should resume, and if climbing on Mount Everest should be halted permanently.

'This is vindication': Métis readers celebrate rights ruling

Categories: Canada

metis_220.jpgToday, Canada's Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that includes Métis as Indians under the Constitution. asked our Métis readers to share their stories and tell us what the ruling means to them. Here are some of their responses.

Joe Biden joins Instagram, internet rejoices

biden_220.jpgU.S. Vice President Joe Biden joined Instagram today. His first post was a pair of aviators laying casually atop a desk. The news immediately set the internet abuzz.

Are protest selfies the modern day sit-in?

Categories: Canada, Community

alr_selfie_220.jpgFarmers in B.C. are taking to social media to protest proposed changes to the province's Agricultural Land Reserve. It's the latest cause to utilize the so-called 'protest selfie.' Are protest selfies the sit-in of the modern generation?

Jim Flaherty: Share your condolences

Categories: Canada, Community, Politics

flaherty_220.jpgJim Flaherty, Canada's former finance minister, has died.

He was 64.

Share your condolences with his family and other Canadians in our online guestbook.

A better work ethic? CBC readers weigh in on debate over temporary foreign workers

Categories: Canada, Community

temp_workers_220.jpgMcDonald's is under federal investigation after a McDonald's employee told CBC News the fast food outlet is bringing in Filipino workers while cutting local staffers' hours and turning away dozens of seemingly qualified Canadians seeking jobs. CBC readers weigh in.

CBC readers on Canada's slow internet

Categories: Canada, Community, Science & Technology

2-young-people-watch-computer.jpgCanada's upload speeds are among the worst in the developed world. That's the takeaway from a story published by CBC News Wednesday night.

The story generated hundreds of comments on our website and on social media.