Student mural showing 2 boys kissing stirs debate

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An Alberta school's decision to cover up a student's mural that shows two boys kissing has sparked a heated debate among readers about how same-sex couples and intimacy are depicted, and how the school handled the situation.

Does prison deserve a penalty for OT-incurring Super Bowl viewing?

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Correctional officers at a Windsor, Ont., correctional facility will be paid an hour of overtime to supervise inmates watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. The story left CBC readers sharply divided. Some think the move is sportsmanlike conduct on the part of the prison, while others are crying foul.

Best place to live in the world? CBC audience discuss Economist rankings

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The Economist ranks Toronto and Montreal as the world's two best places to live, but CBC audience members share reasons of why their hometown should top the list.

Comcast apologizes after customer receives bill addressed to 'A**hole Brown'

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si_abrowncomcast.jpgCall centre representatives are almost always forbidden from cursing, name-calling or otherwise expressing anger towards customers over the phone. This isn't to say, however, that they don't get ticked-off too.

BDSM-themed Domino's Sriracha pizza ad whips Twitter into a frenzy

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A spec ad created with the intention of promoting Domino's' new Sriracha pizza has been tearing up the web this week, prompting those who are freaked out by the image of a giant human tongue in bondage gear to proclaim "#50ShadesOfNOPE."

Readers share their own layoff stories after Tim Hortons cuts

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Tim Hortons Burger KingOur story about a Tim Hortons manager who says she didn't see the company's mass layoffs coming got the CBC News audience talking about their own experiences with job cuts.

NFL to run chilling domestic violence commercial during 2015 Super Bowl

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si_nfldomesticviolence.jpgA powerful spot created with help from the NFL will be making history this Sunday as the first ever PSA addressing domestic violence and sexual assault to air during the Super Bowl.

New CBC Series: Next Gen Den, Dragons' Den for the Digital Age

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Dragons' Den presents the Next Gen Den, targeting Canadian business start-ups through an online platform.

Hashtag voting can't be taken seriously

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LowryKyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors was named to the starting lineup of the Eastern Conference team for the NBA All-Star game. He owes this honour, at least in part, to support from thousands of Twitter users who voted for him using the #NBAballot hashtag.

Fan voting on social media has become a common way to decide the winners of these kinds of awards in sports and in entertainment. But can you trust the result of a hashtag vote?

Video of street harassers being tricked into cat-calling their own moms is awesome, but fake

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si_tastypanties.jpgWhen trying to help cat-callers understand how their unwanted "compliments" actually make women feel, it's not uncommon for victims of street harassment to ask: "What would you do if someone spoke to your mother like that?"