Phrosties: Hipsters mourn shutdown of Instagram-based alcoholic slushie delivery service

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si_phrosties.jpgPhrosties, an anonymous alcoholic slushie delivery service based in New York City, was working its way towards becoming the hottest drink provider in the summer months -- and then it got shut down.

#RedskinsPride: NFL fans hijack Washington Redskins hashtag to denounce team's name

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si_redskinshashtag copy.jpgIn an attempt to fight back against the ongoing controversy over its team's name -- which many have called insensitive toward Native Americans, if not downright racist -- the Redskins' social media team encouraged fans to show their #RedSkinsPride on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Most readers agree: vaccinate your kids

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si_vaccinereax.jpgPrime Minister Stephen Harper said vaccinations are "proven to work," and that they have been "lifesavers" in our society and elsewhere, in an interview with CBC News yesterday. The vast majority of the CBC News audience who wrote to us on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments of the story agreed with the prime minister, in some cases in spite of themselves.

'Leggings are not pants': Qatar launches modesty campaign aimed at tourists

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si_qatarreflectyourrespect.jpgWith only eight years to go until Qatar hosts the 2022 World Cup in its capital city of Doha, officials have plenty to prepare for -- and it appears as though tourist's wardrobes are high on their list of issues to address.

#FreeTheNipple: Scout Willis goes topless in NYC to protest Instagram's nudity policy

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si_scoutwillis.jpgIf a woman can legally walk around New York City without a top on, why are female nipples still banned on Instagram? This is the question behind a social media protest staged this week by 22-year-old actor Scout Willis, and the main sentiment behind a growing online movement called #FreeTheNipple. readers split on Rob Ford birthday bash at bar

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si_rofobirthday.jpgRob Ford went to a bar and grill for his 45th birthday last night, and the CBC News audience is split over whether this was a good idea for the Toronto mayor and over whether this is even a story at all.

Robots could soon replace fast food workers, study says

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si_fastfoodrobots.jpgUniversity of Oxford researchers have predicted that there is a 92 per cent chance of both fast-food preparation and fast-food service becoming automated in coming decades, leading many to ask: Are robots the future of fast food service?

LeVar Burton launches Kickstarter to bring back 'Reading Rainbow'

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si_readingrainbow.jpgIn an attempt to bring the iconic children's television show Reading Rainbow to a new, digitally-savvy generation, LeVar Burton has launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign.

50 Cent throws 'worst first pitch ever' at Mets game

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si_50centpitch.jpgOn Tuesday, rapper 50 Cent stepped up to the mound at New York's Citi Field to dish out the ceremonial first pitch before a New York Mets game. What happened next is being touted as one of the worst first pitches in baseball history.

Astronomers geek out over #GRBm31, an explosion that turned out to be a glitch

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Space scientists around the world got really excited last night over what looked like an enormous explosion in the next galaxy over, but after tweeting all night long about a possible gamma-ray burst, the signal was found to be a computer error.