Websites selling 'pro-ana' bracelets concern eating disorder specialists

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si_proana_bracelet.jpgAmong members of the often-criticized "pro-ana" -- short for pro-anorexia -- community, a disturbing trend has emerged in which some eating disorder sufferers are wearing red bracelets not to fight against mental illness, but to encourage it.

'I don't want to turn four': Little girl dreads birthday in video

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Even tiny tots dread growing older.

On the eve of her birthday, a Kentucky girl, three going on four, was not thrilled for her big day. readers shrug at Trudeau's salty language

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trudeau-boxing-220-b.jpgWith few exceptions, the reaction from the CBC Community to Justin Trudeau dropping an f-bomb at a charity boxing event Saturday night was a collective shrug. 

Wish to meet LeBron James granted for teen basketball player with cancer

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When Ebony Nettles-Bey got to see the Miami Heat take on the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night, she was hopeful for a wave or a smile from LeBron James. 

Her hope was fulfilled and then some.

Texting and walking problem addressed by tech giants

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si_textingwalking.jpgHeads up, people who stare at smartphones while strolling down the street -- the act of texting while walking could land you in an embarrassing, dangerous, or even fatal situation.

Malaysia Airlines MH370: 'Indian Ocean' video just latest hoax

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mh370-hoax.220.jpgA video purporting to show a ship involved in the recovery of debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. 

But the ship shown isn't involved in the search, it's not sailing on the Indian Ocean, and the video was shot more than a year ago. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer sparks creepy Michelangelo meme

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si_tmnt_mike.jpgThe newly-released trailer for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film has sparked much debate over the new "Bayturtles" design, as well as a full-blown Michelangelo Photoshop meme.

CBC readers debate unpaid internship crackdown, share own internship tales

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When enforcement action by the Ontario Ministry of Labour ultimately led to the shut down of unpaid internship programs at Toronto Life and The Walrus, there were cheers and jeers from readers. 

NASA asks public to vote on its next-generation spacesuit design

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nasa-220.jpgMet with the opportunity to give a spacesuit "a look unlike any suit ever built before," NASA spacesuit engineers want the public to decide which of three cover layer designs for its newest prototype spacesuit will be built, the space agency says.

'Babysuiting' meme puts adorable infants in grown-up clothes

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si_babysuiting.jpgFrom the creator of last year's wildly popular #babymugging trend comes a brand new Instagram fad that's got the web teeming with next-level baby pictures once again: It's called baby suiting.