Junk to treasure: Alabama couple sell jug for $100,000

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jug-220.jpgFor some 40 years, a clay jug adorned the Morris family home in rural Alabama. 

But unbeknown to the family, the $12 junk store find -- which, at first, had irked Janice Morris and frightened the children -- was worth a pretty penny.

Tens of thousands of people have been playing 1 game of Pokemon for 2 weeks

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220-016-pidgey.jpgTens of thousands of gamers are currently playing through a single game of Pokemon Red for the Game Boy - all at once. They've been playing for over 15 days now. Can it be done?

CBC readers give tips on avoiding bad investment advice

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fin-220.jpgAfter a CBC Marketplace investigation revealed that advice given by financial advisers at some Canadian banks and investment firms was misleading or inaccurate, CBCNews.ca readers weighed in with their own tales of receiving poor investment advice and tips to avoid it.

Horse head mask squirrel feeder will haunt your dreams

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horse-head-220.jpgA photo spread wildly around British Twitter last night and now threatens to invade North America with a tweet from meme factory George Takei. 

It shows a squirrel feeder in the shape of a horse head mask. But why would anyone make such at thing? I'm so glad you asked.

Toronto writer live-tweets being locked inside the Bay

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trapped-bay-220.jpgImagine if you will that you're in a department store, shopping for, say, bed sheets, when the lights suddenly turn off and you realize that you're trapped inside. What would you do?

Well, when it happened to a Toronto woman this week, she took to Twitter for help and entertained her followers along the way. 

Twitter users rock and mock 'normcore' fashion trend

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Normal is the new cutting-edge. That is, according to New York magazine's The Cut.

The trend is "normcore" -- in which rocking "normal" clothes is seemingly the ultimate fashion statement -- and it is increasingly being spotted on New York City streets, writer Fiona Duncan says.

'Winter Misery Index' confirms 2014's weather has been particularly miserable

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si_wintermisery.jpgA new "misery index" released by U.S. National Weather Service meteorologists proves that what many Canadians have already been proclaiming for months is true: the winter of 2014 is one of the most miserable on record. 

Train conductor pens personal apology to commuters for mix-up

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train-220.jpgRolled-up newspapers and empty coffee paper cups often pepper train seats, but a note -- penned by a train conductor -- left on some 500 seats to apologize for a mix-up is rather "extraordinary," commuters say.

CBCNews.ca readers mock Quebec's Facebook language complaint

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QuebecReaders of CBCNews.ca had a lot to say about our story about the Quebec government ordering a store owner to change the language of her store's Facebook page from English to French. 

Seth Rogen gives powerful Alzheimer's speech at Senate hearing

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si_sethrogen.jpgIn an almost startlingly sober departure from his usual brand of goofball comedy, Canadian actor Seth Rogen took to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. yesterday to testify at a Senate hearing on Alzehiemer's research.