'Tumbleweed Invasion 2014': Tumbleweeds bury New Mexico town

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tumble-220.jpgA New Mexico town is up to its knees in tumbleweeds -- literally. 

Super Bowl tickets for hearing-impaired twins delivered by Seahawks' Derrick Coleman

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sb-surprise-220.jpgTwo nine-year-old girls were stunned to receive Super Bowl tickets hand-delivered by the Seattle Seahawks' fullback Derrick Coleman, who they consider an inspiration.

'We're going to the Super Bowl, mom!': Son surprises Seahawks fan mother with tickets

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A Seattle Seahawks-loving mother, amid the droves of zealous Seahawks fans at last weekend's Super Bowl send-off for the team, was not prepared for what came next. 

Little did she know that she too would be heading to New Jersey to watch the matchup this weekend. 

Chinese New Year 2014: 'Wooden horse' celebrated in online art

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google-year-horse-220.jpgThe lunar new year begins Friday and the Google Doodle artist is among many who are sharing their impressions of the Year of the Horse, specifically, the wood horse.

LIVE CHAT REPLAY: Can sports performance products make us better?

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si_sportsdrinks.jpgCan a sports drink ... a protein bar ... a pair of running shoes help get you into better shape? Replay our live chat discussing the topic of sports performance products and if they actually work.

Justin Bieber fans flock to Toronto police station for pop star's arrival

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si_bieber_fans.jpgWhen Justin Bieber fans got word of news that the Canadian pop star would be arriving at a police station in downtown Toronto, they started mobilizing on Twitter.

Celebrity ads ineffective (unless it's Ellen Degeneres): study

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ellen-220.jpgMaybe all of those companies shouldn't have spent millions of dollars on celebrity Super Bowl commercials after all.

CATNADO: Tornado picks up feral cats in the U.K.

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si_catnado.jpgAccording to the BBC, four cats were lifted up into a "mini tornado" during a storm in Chobham Sunday evening. That's right -- it was a real-life 'catnado.'

Fans of Lego, Google share their #BuildWithChrome creations

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lego-google-220.jpgGoogle and Lego teamed up to release a browser plug-in Tuesday called Build With Chrome that allows users to build 3D models using virtual Lego bricks, and people are already sharing their creations on social media.

Ukrainian protests captured with smartphones

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si_ukranianprotests.jpgAfter weeks of violent clashes between protesters and police in the Ukraine, the embattled country's prime minister resigned Tuesday morning -- taking with him the controversial anti-protest laws that set off this most recent 10-day-long round of demonstrations.