Photoshop fail prompts apology from Chinese government

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An unusual looking photograph published this week by Chinese government officials has prompted mockery and outrage among the country's netizens, many who are criticizing the leaders as dishonest.

Rob Ford crack video scandal makes headlines around the world

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robford-220.jpgCanadians and media around the world are reeling after a video allegedly showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, which he had previously denied existed, is now in police hands.

New York City raises smoking age to 21, debate follows

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People under the age of 21 in New York City may not be able to obtain cigarettes very easily in the near future after NY city council voted Wednesday to raise the age for tobacco-purchasing -- even electronic-vapour smokes -- from 18 to 21.

Facebook can predict breakups, study shows

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si_facebook_dispersion.jpgA new study out of Cornell University in conjunction with Facebook shows that the social network may know far more about your love life than what your relationship status indicates.

California woman Cecilia Abadie gets first ever Google Glass driving ticket

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google glass-220.jpgIn a real sign of the times we live in, a California woman has become the first person ever to get a ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass. 

Canada's Olympics uniforms get mixed reviews from Canadians

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uniform-220.jpgCanada's uniforms for the 2014 Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi, Russia, are getting mixed reviews from people here at home, but they seem to heave earned a gold from Canadians comparing them to other countries' designs.

'Funeral selfies' get their own Tumblr

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si_funeralselfies.jpgIt's no secret to anyone with an Instagram account that modern teenagers really, really like to take pictures of themselves, but a new Tumblr called 'Selfies at Funerals' raises the question, "When is it inappropriate to mug for the camera?"

LIVE CHAT Replay: Pipeline safety in Canada

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pipeline-220.jpgReplay our live chat with pipelines safety expert Carl Weimer, Enbridge's liquids pipeline chief operating officer Leon Zupan, and CBC producer Amber Hildebrandt.

How #skybluepink and 3,500 strangers comforted dying man Brian Curtis

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skybluepink-220.jpgWhat is the colour of love? For Brandon Curtis and his late father -- and now, perhaps, for thousands of strangers around the world -- it's sky blue pink.

Royal Canadian Legion asks Reddit to remove poppy over trademark

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si_poppy_reddit.jpgMembers of the r/canada subreddit are debating the most appropriate way to promote Remembrance Day after being asked to remove a poppy logo from their header by the Royal Canadian Legion