Cookisto lets you buy your neighbours' leftovers

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If you always make too much food for dinner, there's a new way to get rid of your leftovers rather than stuffing yet another Tupperware container into the freezer.

20 per cent of Yelp reviews are fake, study shows

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si_yelp_business.jpgUp to 20 per cent of all reviews on are potentially fraudulent, up from only 5 per cent in 2006, according to a recent Harvard Business School report.

White House's Obamacare pitch recruits fuzzy animals

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obama-ducks-220.jpgLast week, the verified Twitter account of the White House retweeted images from @AdorableCareAct, a campaign to support Obamacare using cute little animals. 

But is the Obama administration behind the fuzzy charm offensive?

Breaking Bad withdrawal sets in as fans say goodbye to series

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si_breakingbad_byebye.jpgIt was the end of an era last night as the season finale of AMC's Emmy-Award winning drama Breaking Bad drew to a close, and the show's many hardcore fans are now mourning its departure.

Jesus was the original tweeter, says Vatican Cardinal

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si_jesustwitter.jpgJack Dorsey, step aside -- you may be Twitter's first registered user (and hey, founder), but in the eyes of the Catholic church, Jesus Christ is the original tweeter.

Cheating husband needs 10K Facebook "likes" to reunite with wife

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cheater-220.jpgAfter Ivan Lewis' wife found out he cheated on her, she said she wouldn't consider getting back together until he got 10,000 Facebook "likes" on a photo admitting that he cheated.

Breaking Bad, Netflix foil spoilers ahead of finale

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spoiler-220.jpgFor Breaking Bad fans eagerly, sadly awaiting this Sunday's series finale, Netflix has created a way to keep the surprise-ruining spoilers away --

Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, says Bill Gates

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si_ctrl_alt_delete.jpgIf it were up to Bill Gates, you'd never need to press the Control-Alt-Delete key combination on your keyboard again."It was a mistake," said Microsoft's co-founder of the famous "three finger salute" in an interview last week.

Google celebrates 15 years with doodle, throwback Easter egg

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google-1998-220.jpgGoogle is celebrating its 15th anniversary an interactive doodle - a simple game lets you whack a virtual pinata - and an Easter egg that takes your browser all the way back to 1998.

Rihanna, Teyana Taylor Twitter feud provokes domestic violence outcry

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rihanna-220.jpgRihanna and Teyana Taylor are the latest celebrities to hold a private fight in the very public world of Twitter, but this time their brawl turned into an outcry in the real world about domestic violence.