Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub meet at Internet Cat Video film festival

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si_bub_and_grumpycat.jpgThe most exciting thing to happen at this year's Internet Cat Video Film Festival took place away from the heart of the action with the meeting of two feline titans in a Minnesota hotel room.

Foam finger inventor angered over Miley Cyrus performance

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si_miley_foam_small.jpgCreator of the iconic foam "No. 1 hand" Steve Chmlear won't be cheering in the front row of a Miley Cyrus concert any time soon. "She took an honorable icon that is seen in sporting venues everywhere and degraded it," he said in a recent interview.

Tomatina tossers see red over food fight fee

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si_tomatina_fee.jpgSauce-soaked visitors and residents of Bunol, Spain are recovering today from the annual Tomatina food fight festival. For the first time ever this year, tourists were charged a fee to participate -- reaction to which has been mixed.

New app Streetmix lets you design city of your dreams

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streetmix-220.jpgStreetmix is a new app that lets people create the city of their dreams to try and get citizens more involved in their local governments. Users can add more trees, put a waterfront where a parking lot is, make bike or car lanes -- whatever they want.

Underwater hockey championships shine light on niche sport

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si_underwater.jpgHundreds of high-performance athletes have descended upon Eger, Hungary in a flurry of fins, sticks and snorkel helmets to compete in the 18th Underwater Hockey World Champions.

Indie musicians cry foul over foreign worker fees

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220bandfees4846175.jpgCanada's Indie music scene may just have suffered a huge blow in the form of a federally mandated fee that will exponentially increase the costs for live music venues to bring international bands across the border.

The Onion celebrates 25 years of satirizing politics, kittens

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onion-220-2.jpgThe Onion has poked fun at everything from U.S. politics and the conflict in Syria, to men's messy habits and kittens. Today it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Syria's digital war explodes on social media frontlines

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220assadinstagram.jpgThe tactics in the Syrian conflict span from ground attacks to digital warfare. Insurgent groups, the Syrian government and rebels alike have plastered social media platforms with footage, first person accounts, and propaganda to direct the attention of the world to their cause.

Neil Armstrong died last year, died again on the internet yesterday

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in-armstrong.jpg The internet is chock-full of examples of public mourning because of false notifications spreading like wildfire. 

But in a new twist, Twitter users were in mourning this week over the loss of someone who did pass away ... except he died 367 days ago.

Patrick Stewart teaches 'quadruple take,' becomes captain of internet

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in-220-p-stewart.jpg He played captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and now Patrick Stewart may as well be named captain of the internet. 

His latest online share may just be the best thing you'll see on the internet today.