U.S. inmates can pay for jail upgrade

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ii-220-jail-iStock_00001489.jpgInmates sentenced to serve time for petty crimes can pay a nightly rate to stay at a newer, small facility in Fremont, Calif., rather than an older prison filled with thousands of criminals.

Viral 'Camp Gyno' ad is a game-changer

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Advertisements for feminine hygiene products are rarely, if ever, hailed as smart, brave or refreshing, which is why the outpouring of praise for a frank and touching new spot titled 'Camp Gyno' is all the more indicative that, as many have suggested, the menstrual marketing game has changed.

Scalpers sell Apple Genius Bar appointments in China

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si_apple_genius_scalpers.jpgTicket scalpers are giving new meaning to the term "Apple Reseller" in China, but the Genius Bar appointments they're selling on the black market are anything other than authorized.

McDonald's burger hailed cheapest, most nutritious food ever

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At 380 calories with 22 grams of protein and about a quarter of the daily recommended calcium and iron intake, McDonald's McDouble is "the cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed" -- or so says Freakonomics reader Ralph Thomas.

A Gonzo journalist and his Google Glass

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Vice magazine contributor and gonzo reporter Tim Pool has taken his Google Glass to turn the world of reporting on its head by creating his unique brand of coverage -- a mix of social and mainstream media that brings viewers right into the thick of breaking news.

Readers react to police POV surveillance video debate

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After a video showing the fatal shooting of Sammy Yatim by police on a Toronto streetcar went viral this week, the use of surveillance videos and the role they could play in the police force has become a topic for discussion.

'Cop selfies' blog raises questions about digital narcissism

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si_copselfies.jpg'Cop selfies' is an aggregation of self-portraits posted online by police officers, usually in uniform and on the job. The blog's popularity is spurring a wider discussion about smartphone portraits, and who can get away with posting "selfies."

Princess Diana graces Vanity Fair's September cover

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The late Princess Diana will grace the cover of Vanity Fair's September style issue, which boasts a cover story about the true loves of the former wife of Prince Charles.

Young cancer victim lives on in favourite game

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ii-220-SarahJenner.jpgAn online gaming community is honouring one of its fallen members -- a 5-year-old gamer girl who recently lost her fight against cancer -- with a new action hero.

Teen Rubik's Cube star sweeps world champs

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si_rubikschamp.jpgMore than 500 experienced Rubik's Cube fans from 37 different countries flocked to Las Vegas this weekend to show off their speedcubing skills, but it was a swift-fingered teen who bested them all by solving the classic puzzle game in only 7.36 seconds.