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NOMINATIONS OPEN: Do you know a great Canadian?

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si_greatcanadians.jpgIs there a person within your community deserving of recognition for his or her achievements? Someone who's made a positive difference in your life? One name that springs to mind when we ask "Who is the greatest Canadian you know?"

CBC News is looking for inspiring Canadians near you to profile in a new web series about community heroes.

We're seeking artists, teachers, volunteers, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs from every corner of the country -- our only restrictions are that the profiles we feature are a) Canadian and b) inspiring to you.

Nominate the smartest, most creative, most kind, giving or revolutionary person you've met by following the instructions below.

If selected, we'll contact your nominee to learn more about their work, life, goals and accomplishments before featuring them in a unique video segment for all of our audience members to enjoy.


There are several ways to suggest someone to the CBC Community team:

1.  Shoot a video with your webcam in which you tell us directly why you'd like to nominate your great Canadian. Email your video to us at or submit it through the YourNews community.
2.  If you're camera shy, send us an email with a few paragraphs (and photos, if you have them) explaining your rationale.
3. Tweet us at @CBCCommunity with a suggestion and a few words on why your Canadian is a great one.
Please note that the more supplementary material you provide or have ready (photos of the subject, a nomination video) the better your great Canadian's chances are of being featured.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and introducing the CBC audience to more exceptional members of your community.

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