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Fill in the blank: As Canadian as ______

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Peter Gzowski

CBC Still Photo Collection

For three years in the early 1970s, Peter Gzowski hosted a loose and "crunchy granola" radio show on the CBC called This Country in the Morning, a blend of stories, interviews, recipes and letters from listeners. 

In 1972, Gzowski decided that Canada needed a national simile, an answer to "As American as apple pie." So the show ran its first contest: Complete the phrase "As Canadian as...."

Hundreds of suggestions poured in. Some of them were obvious: "As Canadian as maple syrup." "As Canadian as hockey." 

Others were a little more inventive. "As Canadian as a toboggan." "As Canadian as Diefenbaker." 

But the winner, hands down -- and the theme of much of Gzowski's work from then on -- was submitted by Heather Scott of Sarnia, Ont.: "As Canadian as possible under the circumstances." (Gzowski kept the original entry on his wall and the slogan was a permanent fixture on a bulletin board in the offices of his radio show, Morningside.)

The CBC Community desk thinks that 40 years is long enough; it's time for an update. 

How would you complete the phrase "As Canadian as..."? 

Now, we aren't necessarily looking for something like "As American as apple pie." You can't sum up a country as huge and diverse as Canada in any single object, let alone any single pastry. (What's more Canadian, a dutchie or a butter tart? See?)

We want as many ideas as we can get, so we're using the power of social media. 

From now until Canada Day weekend, use the hashtag #AsCanadianAs on Twitter and Instagram. We'll collect all your ideas and photographs of what is quintessentially Canadian. 

UPDATE: And now, in addition to Twitter and Instagram, you can upload your photos using the form below. And if you have an idea for completing the saying "As Canadian as...," you can email us, too. Our address is

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