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Tell us about leaders and innovators under 30

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If the number of young entrepreneurs and innovators in Canada is any indication, the generation that came of age alongside the modern web is ready to rethink everything.

Although they face many of the same challenges that Gen X encountered before them, today's young people grew up with a different set of tools, and seem not only to be looking for answers, but also asking different questions

 Read the latest issue of Generation Why In March, the CBC Community team launched Generation Why, a weekly interactive magazine curated by young Canadians for young Canadians, to begin a conversation with with the under 30 set.

Our community members have since expressed a clear interest in a special edition of the magazine that profiles opinion shapers, innovators and community leaders in a variety of established and emerging fields.

That's where you come in.

Who is the most promising young person you know?

When you think of someone in their 20s who is already re-shaping Canada, who comes to mind?

Perhaps you know a young academic whose research could be a game changer in his or her field. Or perhaps you were shocked to learn that the CEO of a thriving start-up just graduated from college.

Maybe you know young teachers, lawyers or politicians who are working to redefine their field from the inside -- or entrepreneurs, activists or innovators who hope to disrupt the status quo from the outside.

Email your 150 - 200 word nominations, as well as any relevant photos and links, to with the subject line "Gen Why: young people to watch."

Please have your recommendation in by Wednesday, May 15th. Some of those suggested will be profiled in the May 17th edition of Generation Why.

About Generation Why

Generation Why is a weekly digital digest that highlights the best of CBC News and current affairs programming, across all platforms, from the perspective of young Canadians.

Readers under the age of 30 and young staffers recommend stories they find interesting, useful or important, and that they feel will resonate with their peers.

The young staffers behind the project, Fabiola Carletti and Lauren O'Neil, have run two open forums - one about big picture generational concerns, and another about the magazine specifically - and have started to build a community of dedicated contributors that is growing each week.

You can weigh in on the future of Generation Why by joining our private Facebook group, or tweeting us @cbccommunity.

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