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May mugshots photo contest: Show us your portraits!

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si_may_mugshot.jpgLadies, gentlemen, kids, cats, and Canadian creatures of all different kinds -- CBC News wants your mug!

We know from the types of photos that are submitted to the CBC Your News Community every day that there are tons of talented portrait artists out there among you.

  • How to enter the CBC Community photo contest

Some, like superstar contributors Ric Hornsby and Isabelle Marozzo, specialize in surreal up-close photographs of Canadian wildlife.

Others, like Emily Taylor and Connor Wheeler, are more likely to turn their lenses on family members, children and pets.

David Berry and Kim B give us both in spades! We encourage you to browse through all of these CBC Community member profiles for inspiration this month -- and then get out to some portraits of your own.

Or, if you've already got some great "mugshots" saved onto your computer, upload them below for a chance to be featured as one our daily semi-finalist, and eventually named winner of the CBC News Community May 2013 photo contest.

This month's daily photo contest picks

How to enter

We'll be posting your best shots each weekday this May. At the end of the month, we'll select five finalists and ask you to vote for your favourite.

Upload your images using the form below, or visit our CBC Your News Community page to upload them directly to the "May photo contest" category.

If you haven't joined, it's easy to do so. And if you are a member, well, you already know what to do. If all else fails, you can also submit images to Alternately, if you want to submit one of your Instagram photos, please hashtag your submission #CBCMayMugshots. Full contest rules are available here.

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