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Generation Why brings 'far away' closer

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In this week's issue of Generation Why, several contributors take a closer look at the things that seem far away - and the issues we intentionally distance.

  • CBC Music's Andrea Warner asks uncomfortable questions about a musical legend that most associate with peace. She grapples with her feelings after learning that John Lennon was physically abusive to women.
  • Two entries look at stories that are literally a world away. CBC reader Chelsey Colbert notes that the private one-way mission to Mars is now accepting applicants, while CBC staffer Jonathan Ore marvels at a mysterious hurricane on Saturn.
  • Ainar Monaghan, a reader from Ottawa, highlights the work of world-renowned photographer SebastiĆ£o Salgado, famous for his black and white photographs of untouched wildernesses and the indigenous peoples that live in them.
  • Fabiola Carletti, one of the magazine's editors, reflects on a essay by CBC's Jian Ghomeshi about which tragedies we consider 'ours'. He argues: "We feel closer to those closest to us, literally, but then distance is also arbitrary."

Also this issue, Shayla Walker and Samantha Osaduke offer opposing views on negative political ads, Stephanie Boyle reflects on one family's choice to give up their autistic son, and Lesia Kinach wonders whether universities need to be more selective - even intellectually elitist.

Please read about all of these stories and more in this week's Generation Why.
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