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Breaking free in this week's Generation Why

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In this week's issue of Generation Why, several contributors reflect on stories about breaking free -- whether the confines are physical, societal, or psychological.

  • On Monday, 27-year-old Amanda Berry escaped from years of captivity in a downtown Cleveland home, where she was held against her will along with two other young women and a child. The story had an impact on Heidi Oran, a reader from Peterborough, Ont., who remarks that these young women are around her own age, and have already lost years of their lives.

  • A CBC story about a B.C. teacher victimized for over two years by a cyberstalking ex-girlfriend caught the attention of Arielle Piat-SauvĂ© of Montreal and Jada McDermott of Kelowna, B.C. Both readers reflect on the difficultu of shaking off slanderous labels in the echo chambers of the Internet. Is it possible to reclaim one's cyber reputation after it has been so purposefully damaged?

  • CBC staffer Jonathan Ore wrestles free of Abercrombie and Fitch's unapologetically superficial definition of "cool" - which tells customers who aren't slim and conventionally attractive that they "can't belong."

Also this issue, breaking the cycle of youth unemployment and underemployment; breaking the stigma surrounding mental health; and breaking the law to print guns that shoot real bullets.
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