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12 young leaders changing Canada in this week's Generation Why

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If the number of young entrepreneurs and innovators in Canada is any indication, the generation that came of age alongside the modern web is ready to rethink everything.

Earlier this month, we asked you to nominate the most dedicated, impressive, creative and intelligent Canadians under the age of 30 you could think of for our first special issue of CBC's Gen Why.

Dozens of eligible candidates were submitted -- young activists, designers, artists, urban planners, teachers, and leaders of all kinds, not a single one of them undeserving of the honour.

Our team was tasked with the difficult process of paring those nominations down to the 12 young people featured in this week's issue of Generation Why. (We had to stop somewhere -- but believe us, it wasn't easy!)

Click here, or anywhere on the cover above, to meet 12 young leaders -- in descending order by age -- who are changing Canada today.

  • Lauren Friese, 29
  • Zahra Ebrahim, 29
  • Assaf Weisz, 28
  • Natalie Panek, 28
  • Anne Connelly, 28
  • Alkarim Nasser, 27
  • Katie Butterill, 26
  • Brad LeBlanc, 24
  • Rania El Mugammar, 24
  • Spencer Thompson, 22
  • Donovan Taplin, 18
  • Ta'Kaiya Blaney, 12

Please feel free to tell us about others in the comment thread.
About Generation Why

Generation Why is a weekly interactive magazine curated by young Canadians for young Canadians.

Each week, readers under the age of 30 and young staffers collaborate to highlight the best content that CBC news and current affairs programming has to offer.

We also hope to spotlight the talent of young artists by offering the magazine's cover as a canvas.

Please note that this week's issue is a special edition of Generation Why that profiles opinion shapers, innovators and community leaders in a variety of established and emerging fields.

We will return to our regular format next week, and we invite anyone interested in submitting to join our Facebook group for contributors.

How to get involved

  • Submit a written piece or pitch your photo/illustration for the cover
  • Subscribe to receive Generation Why via email every Saturday morning
  • Join our Facebook group for regular contributors
  • Explore the results of our user-driven social poll on important questions for our generation or replay the open forum live chat we ran to discuss those big questions
  • Replay or read the minutes from our first open editorial meeting


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