Generation Why says farewell for now

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gen-why-goodbye-220.jpgBig news this week. After an amazing first run, Generation Why is going on a summer hiatus following this, our fourteenth issue.

It's a great time to weigh in with your feedback! Please email

'Prancercise' founder sashays across the web

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si_prancercise_rules.jpgA fitness demonstration video in which a cardigan-clad 61-year-old woman dances like a horse was unearthed onto the viral web this week, prompting the world to catch 'Prancercise' fever.  

Readers debate merits of anti-bullying video depicting suicide

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suicide-video-school-220.jpgAn anti-bullying video that depicts the suicide of a teenage girl is sparking debate among educators and parents in Winnipeg, as well as among readers in our comments, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Fired Mayor Ford chief of staff laughs it up on Twitter

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TowheySince being fired as chief of staff to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Mark Towhey has been gaining fans on Twitter for his wry posts about the drama at City Hall.

Amish teens on Rumspringa rush for Facebook

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si_rumspringa.jpgFacebook is opening up a new window into the lives of Amish youth on Rumspringa, giving the world a mule's-eye view of what it's really like to be a teen experiencing things that many of us take for granted for the first time.

Grumpy Cat goes from meme to movie star

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grumpycat-220.jpg Everyone's favourite internet meme, Grumpy Cat -- or Tardar 'Tard' Sauce -- as she is actually named, is getting a movie deal. readers react to the death of Dr. Henry Morgentaler

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News of the death of Dr. Henry Morgentaler, an activist who led the abortion movement in Canada, has garnered the man praise, censure and reignited the political debate about the issue from CBC Readers.

While many have cited the man who broke the law and opened the first abortion clinic in Montreal as a hero for advocating choice, others see him as a murderer. 

Facebook to crack down on gender-based hate following outcry

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Facebook has pledged to "do better" when it comes to rooting out posts that trivialize rape, target women or otherwise incite gender-based violence.

Their five-step pledge to overhaul their policies on controversial, harmful and hateful speech follows mounting pressure from critics and concerned advertisers. 

Bank of Canada cries fraud on $90K 'Duffy buck' cartoon

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duffy-buck-220.jpgThe Bank of Canada says an editorial cartoon depicting a $90,000 bill bearing the likeness of Senator Mike Duffy runs afoul of its copyright on Canadian bank notes and has ordered it taken off the web.

Canadians react to the death of Dr. Henry Morgentaler

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si_morgantaler_reaction.jpgReaction to the death of controversial reproductive rights activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler proves that abortion is still a highly charged and polarizing issue in Canada.