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RSVP for Generation Why's first open editorial meeting on April 15

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Last month, the CBC Community Team launched Generation Why, a weekly interactive magazine curated by young Canadians for young Canadians.

Each week, readers under the age of 30 and young staffers collaborate to highlight the best content that CBC news and current affairs programming has to offer. The goal is to flag interesting, informative and useful stories that you may have otherwise missed in our crowded media landscape.

Collaborators write short introductions to larger issues, explaining stories in a way one might to friends over coffee or in a snappy post on a Facebook wall.

At six issues in, we'd like to thank all of the bright young folks who have made this magazine a reality. We also think it's high time for our first editorial meeting.

How to join the meeting

If you've contributed to Generation Why, have read a couple issues, or are even just interested in getting involved, we'd love to hear your feedback and get to know you a little bit better in general.

Here's the invitation we embedded in last week's issue:

To recap, there are many ways to get in on the conversation. Bookmark this page and join us on Monday April 15 at 7 p.m. ET.

  • Join us on webcam: When the feed goes live, click on the blue camera button to let us know you want to weigh in on camera.
  • Submit a text question: Click on the blue "submit question" button to type your query or comment.
  • Join the text-based chat: Click on the live chat tab to jump in and discuss with your peers in real time! This option is for all those who don't have a webcam or are camera shy.

Below you'll find an example of what the open forum will look like when it's live.

(If you want to replay the show captured in this screen grab, you can do so here. The editorial meeting will be run in a similar style.)


Thanks again for your interest in Generation Why! We hope to see you on April 15th!

- Fabiola Carletti and Lauren O'Neil
CBC Community Team writers/producers

Twitter: @cbccommunity

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