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Generation Why explores identity and who gets to belong

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In this week's issue of Generation Why, young Canadians share their news-infused views on what defines us as Canadians, both on the whole and as individuals within this vast and diverse nation.

This week, author Mohsin Hamid told CBC's Jian Ghomeshi that single identities are a myth -- an idea that Shahzi Yasmin Bokhari explores further in her piece addressing heightened levels of islamophobia following the RCMP's terror plot takedown announcement.

Laura Adams highlights citizenship application backlogs affecting people who long to become Canadian; and in a reflection on our country's film industry, Ainar Monaghan looks at the importance of consuming and supporting Canada's stories here at home.

Also this issue, readers and staff members explore whether unions still matter to young people,  whether smart phone apps can help curb bullying, and whether Regina can be saved by superheroes.

How do you define yourself within Canada? Share your stories of identity with us in the comment section of this post.
About Generation Why

Generation Why is a weekly interactive magazine curated by young Canadians for young Canadians.

Each week, readers under the age of 30 and young staffers collaborate to highlight the best content that CBC news and current affairs programming has to offer.

We also hope to spotlight the talent of young artists by offering the magazine's cover as a canvas.

  • Contribute a written piece or pitch your photo/illustration for the cover
  • Explore the results of our user-driven social poll on important questions for our generation, and watch the open forum live chat we ran to discuss those big questions
  • Read the minutes from our first open editorial meeting


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