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Generation Why: March 22

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Among many great submissions, this week's issue explores:

  • Why young Canadians should already be thinking about aging, and taking care of their elders
  • Why scientists who worked in the Experimental Lakes Area fear their research is in jeopardy
  • Why so many youth are falling through the cracks of Calgary's overburdened mental health system
  • Why unmarried romantic partners who share a home should pay attention to family law in their region

Generation Why is a weekly interactive magazine curated by young Canadians for young Canadians.

Each week, readers under the age of 30 and young staffers collaborate to highlight the best content that CBC news and current affairs programming has to offer.

We also hope to spotlight the talent of young artists by offering the magazine's cover as a canvas.

  • Contribute a written piece or pitch your photo/illustration for the cover
  • Check out  Issue 1 and Issue 2 and Issue 3
  • Explore the results of our user-driven social poll on important questions for our generation
  • Watch the open forum live chat we ran to discuss the poll results


Tags: Canada, community, Generation Why

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