Generation Why: March 29

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Welcome to the fifth issue of Generation Why, CBC must-reads for young Canadians. This interactive magazine is a collaboration between CBC readers under 30 and young staffers.

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Prominent Canadians bid farewell to Ralph Klein on Twitter

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si-220-ralph.jpgPoliticians of all political stripes took to Twitter on Friday to share their condolences following the death of Ralph Klein, a longtime pillar of Albertan politics. Here is a selection of their messages.

Ralph Klein: Share your condolences

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si-ralph-klein-cpRTR15CH0.jpgRalph Klein, a longtime pillar of Alberta politics, has died.

Klein, who died Friday in a Calgary-area long-term care facility, was 70. He had been battling a form of dementia and emphysema in recent years.

Vera Wang ditches $500 'try-on' fee in China following global outcry

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si_vera_wang.jpg Luxury fashion designer Vera Wang has decided to stop charging customers nearly $500 to try on dresses at her Shanghai bridal boutique amidst accusations of discrimination, racism, and greed.

Live Online replay: The star power of pandas

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This week on CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil spoke to special guests about the symbolism and logistics of hosting two of China's national treasures.

B.C. ad evokes Amanda Todd to warn against 'just one photo'

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si-220-sexting-thousands.jpgA recent B.C. campaign advising teens to imagine each photo they share of themselves on the internet as having the potential to reach thousands is gaining traction online.

How should parents talk to teens about the risks of sharing revealing or explicit images?

'Stop rape' dislodging 'stay safe' advice on social media

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The growing push to shift the conversation about rape from "stay safe" -- a message normally directed at women -- to "stop rape," a directive that puts the onus on perpetrators is gaining traction on social media.

The latest examples: a viral YouTube video directed at "bros" and a Twitter hashtag offering satirical safety tips to women.

Brands support same-sex marriage in U.S. debate

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martha-stewart-equality-220.jpgAs the question of same-sex marriage is being debated in the U.S., we've seen corporate giants like Starbucks, Apple and Nike show their support in legal opinions and in stockholder relations, but some brands are putting their marketing where their mouth is. 

'Rent a Mourner' fills your funeral with fake friends

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si_rentamourner.jpgA company in the U.K. hires out actors at a rate of $70 Cdn per hour to attend funerals as "professional grievers." Their goal? To help the deceased appear sufficiently popular in front of their friends and family.

Ogooglebar! Sweden's spat with Google inspires 'ungoogleable' fun

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si-220-ogooglebar.jpg Many search engine users are 'googling the ungoogleable' following a lexical skirmish between Google and Swedish wordsmiths - a spat sparked by the proposed word ogooglebar.