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Vote for our February photo contest winner

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For our February 2013 photo contest, we asked you to embrace all things warm and fuzzy; those lovable, huggable, and unabashedly heartwarming things that can really take the sting out of Canada's coldest season.

As you may have been able to predict, we received a LOT of pet and baby photos this month  (not that anyone on the CBC Community team is complaining!) -- but we also saw plenty of loving, creative, humorous and inspiring photos that had nothing to do with fuzzy, and everything to do with making us feel warm inside.

You can view every photo submitted through the CBC Your News community this month here, but our five finalists can be seen in the gallery above.

  • Zora and her sheep, by Anje Seipelt
  • Monkey Momma and Baby by Sherry Whtite
  • Mesmerized by Kim B.
  • Amsterdam Love by Rachel Sim
  • Happy Valentine's Day by Lisa Horne
We've narrowed down our selection to these five photos based upon the community's reaction, and once again we need your help to determine a winner!

Because February is an extra-short month, we're giving you the weekend to vote. You have until Monday, March. 4 at 9 a.m. to choose your favourite finalist below:

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