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Is the world ready for another Titanic?


A rendering provided by Blue Star Line, the Titanic II is shown cruising at sea. (Blue Star Line/Associated Press)

In an homage to the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic, an Australian business tycoon has decided to build a full-scale replica and christen it Titanic II.

Clive Palmer is investing $200 million to construct the vessel in a Chinese shipyard. Palmer said Tuesday that he plans to have the luxury ocean liner completed and in the water for her maiden voyage by February 2016.

The possibility of another Titanic has struck the fancy of potential passengers, some of whom have offered more than $1 million for a chance to be on board for the first sail.

The inaugural trip is slated to re-trace the voyage of the original ship starting in Southampton, U.K., and arriving in New York, N.Y.

The CBC community is torn on the idea of the tribute. Some are finding the idea enchanting, with the re-creation tickling their Downton Abbey fantasies. Others find the idea downright ghoulish.

The Titanic disaster claimed over 1,500 lives and, despite the voyage occurring over a hundred years ago, it's still too soon for some.

  • "Calling another ship Titanic is very disrespectful," said Tiqlaralik.

  • "I don't know. It just seems creepy to me," said Chirpybird.

  • "Let the dead rest. Enough money has been made off of this tragedy," said forces.

  • "... I'll wait for the Hindenberg replica and ride that," said Blueneck.

Some CBC readers feel that this endeavour could even be tempting fate as large-scale naval accidents still do happen a century later.

  • "Assuming he's out of jail by then, they just need Captain Schettino to take command and they'll be all set. On a serious note, it seems a little crass, morbid and disrespectful," said itsajourney.

  • "In 1912, the Titanic sank because the captain had a personal objective (specifically a fast ocean crossing) that he deemed was far more important than merely the safe passage of his vessel and its contents to which he was entrusted. And, in 2012, the Costa Concordia sank under similar circumstances (specifically showing off to girlfriend and others). One hundred years later nothing changes. Same old, same old. You buy your ticket and you take your chances," said Torres10.

History buffs were delighted with the idea of a luxury liner steeped in the elegance of the turn of the century.

  • "I have to admit, at the risk of sounding flippant and frivolous, that I think this a very cool idea. I've been a Titanic buff ever since Ballard et al finally found the wreck in 1985 when I was eight-years old. In this time of gaudy cruise ships, it would be neat to bring back one of the grand old classic ocean liners that used to dominate the North Atlantic in the days of old. I'll likely not be able to afford to go on a crossing, but it would be cool just to see it. And for those saying it is a waste of money, it is not your money. It is his, and he is free to spend it as he wishes. Also, I'm quite certain that the new plans will extend the watertight doors up past E deck, as we discovered that it could be potentially damaging if a certain number of compartments were flooded. A long shot, yes, but sadly, all to possible. Cheers," said Trajan.

  • "People should be wearing period clothing. It would be like Downton Abbey on the sea," said Judith Sherman.

The majority of our readers were skeptical of the project, not because of superstitions, but because of the country where the ship will be crafted.

  • "I'd have no superstitions about riding on a Titanic replica, my rational hesitation comes from the 'made in China' bit," said kjasant.

  • "Well if your going to create a knock-off of an original product, I guess it makes sense that it's being built in China," said Sam Squantch.

  • "There are lots of anti-Chinese comments here. Isn't it enough that we exploit them to make everything we buy, without also insulting them over it? In a hundred years, North American and European exploitation of the Chinese will be viewed historically the same as Caribbean sugar slavery is now. All our joblessness is because of CEO greed off-shoring everything," said eupeptic.

And then there were those who were amused by what might be found aboard a modern recreation of a classic ocean liner.

  • "... but will it still have all the classic comforts of steerage?" said ohyeahwhosays.

  • "I like the idea but I'm skeptical. Remember the Titantic was not a cruise ship, it was a transatlantic liner made to move people. Will it be sustainable in the long run and still stay close to the original look? I'd hate to see them start slapping on waterslides, rock climbing walls and having daily Cirque de Soleil shows because people got bored with just enjoying being at sea on a beautiful ship. I'm sure it will have more modern activities but it will be a balancing act to make it appealing to myself.

  • On a side note I wonder if James Cameron is one of the million dollar tickets??

  • "They're going to need some major security on this ship. First at the bow to prevent drunk Jack/Rose wannabes from falling off straight into the North Atlantic. Plus there's definitely gonna be some steerage passengers trying to sneak into first class areas," said Ryan DeJager.

  • "I can't wait to see what the Excursions are:
    1. That first kiss on the bow railing, 2hrs $ 389.00
    2. A make out session in the old car, 4hrs $ 799.00
    3. Wading through "A" deck with a tux or evening dress on, priceless," said Icebox. How do you feel about this project?

Does the idea of another Titanic sailing the seas appeal to you or do you feel that it's disrespectful to those who perished in the disaster over a hundred years ago?

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