Opposites attract: Tell us your unlikely love story

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si-220-diego-frida.jpgWith exactly a month to go until Valentine's Day, CBC News is looking for stories of opposites who were not only attracted but are now committed to one another.

Do you and your partner self-identify as an unlikely but happy couple? We want to hear your story!

Youth for hire: employing 'Generation Jobless'

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In this week's episode of CBC Live Online, Lauren O'Neil chats with the filmmakers behind Generation Jobless, a documentary about Canada's unemployed and underemployed youth.

Is an uncertain career path the new normal?

Fired HMV employees take over Twitter account

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hmv-tweets-220.jpgEmployees laid off from British music retailer HMV commandeered the company's Twitter feed Thursday morning to inform the world about the "mass execution" affecting 190 head office employees.

Toronto company puts your head on a Pez dispenser

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si_pezheads.jpgA Canadian 3D printing company is being hailed across the web this week for coming up with what many are calling one of the coolest use of 3D-printing technology yet: Personalized Pez dispensers.

Perfume for babies released by Dolce & Gabbana

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si_baby_perfume_dg.jpgHave you ever felt as though your baby needs to smell more like a baby? Luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabanna's new fragrance promises to enhance your wee one's freshly-bathed scent with just one spritz.

U.S. man shot in driveway mix-up mourned online

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Social media users are mourning the death of a young man who was shot dead on Saturday after mistakenly pulling into a retiree's driveway in Lilburn, Georgia.

World reacts to new Blackberry phones, Alicia Keys hire

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keys-iphone-instagram-220.jpgBlackBerry unveiled its newest phones today: the touchscreen Z10, and the Q10 with a familiar physical keyboard. Tech bloggers from all over the globe were watching today's announcement carefully. 

And new company executive Alicia Keys may have to give up her iPhone habit.

Will BlackBerry 10 turn things around for the company?

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blackberry-10-phones-220.jpgWednesday is the big day for Research In Motion: BlackBerry 10 day. The new line of smartphones has the potential to get the Canadian company back into competition in the market it created in the early 2000s. 

Could the BB10 phones bring BlackBerry back from the brink?

Is Volkswagen's new Super Bowl Commercial racist?

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si_volks_racist_220.jpgVolkswagen is taking some heat today over an advertisement that critics are calling racist, slamming the upcoming Super Bowl spot's 'Get Happy' concept as everything from "off-putting" to "like blackface with voices.

Graphic porn invades Twitter's Vine app

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si_pornvine.jpgTwitter's new standalone video app has been capturing more than its fair share of buzz this week, but the meteoric rise in Vine's popularity has come with a few growing pains.