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School uses Facebook Timeline to teach history lessons

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 Secondary school students in Amsterdam build Timelines like this one of Magellan's voyage around the world to help them learn about historical events.  ( distractions in the classroom have been a concern for both parents and teachers in recent years, but at least one school has decided to embrace their students' affinity for social media - by using Facebook to teach history.

Students at Amsterdam's 43 Gymnasium secondary school use Facebook's Timeline feature to study major historical events as part of their curriculum.

Because Facebook now allows users to post dynamic links, posts and multimedia elements on a chronological timeline, students are able to "experience a larger understanding of cultural and social themes, trends and milestone achievements" according to Mashable.

"Our school wanted to make history more exciting, so we brought it out of the books and into a place where we record our own histories every day," says an unnamed student in a video explaining the project. "With timelines, students can fully experience history subjects as they happened. Stories can be told through all types of media, like images, audio and videos."

Furthermore, students can ask questions and add comments to the posts from anywhere.

Teachers can also lead discussions within the network, allowing students to learn from the material at any time.
History students at 43 Gynmasium are currently studying four major historical events, all of which can be seen in Timeline form on Facebook right now: the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, Fashion from 1950 to the present, inventions of the 20th century and Magellan's Voyage.

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