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The CBC Community chooses Canada's most iconic food

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 Just in time for Canada Day, the results of our Canadian food poll are announced. (iStock)Does Canada have a national food? Should we? And if so, what is it?

This question has been the subject of some heated (and mouth-watering) discussion within the CBC Community recently, and with our nation's birthday only days away we figured it was high time to determine the answer.

If only it were so cut and dry!

With such a large and culturally diverse country, Canadian cuisine has never been easy to pin down.

Many iconic dishes are associated with specific regions in our country - Saskatoon berries, Digby scallops, tourtiere in Quebec - but can one food represent all of Canada better than any other?

Thousands of you weighed in on Facebook, Twitter and in the comment threads of our stories when asked you to nominate the "most Canadian food" you could think of. On June 21 we combed through your submissions to find the 10 most-nominated foods.

We put these foods to a vote, and while the debate was hot all over the web one clear contender emerged in our poll.

If it were up to the CBC community, Canada's national food would be...

 Maple Syrup was the highest ranked of 10 finalists in our Canadian food poll. (Iatsun illustration / iStock )

Yes, maple syrup! Coming in second was poutine, followed closely by Nanaimo bars, smoked salmon and butter tarts.

On June 27, we hosted a lively and insightful webcam chat with celebrity chef guests Mark McEwan, Aaron Joseph Bear Robe and Carl Heinrich.

You can replay the entire chat here and see what our guests and community members had to say about Canada's culinary scene.

What we've learned from this project is that perhaps Canada doesn't have a national food at all. We have many national foods, reflective of our plentiful diverse regions and subcultures.

What's your take? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and while you're at it - share your Maple syrup recipes with the rest of us!

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