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Company turns human remains into "memorial diamonds"

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 Diamonds made from the ashes of cremated loved ones are becoming more popular in places like Hong Kong, where burial space is extremely expensive. (James Brey / iStockphoto)Ashes to ashes, dust to... diamond?

The death of a loved one is never easy, and in parts of world where burial space is scarce it can also be a logistical and financial nightmare.

This is why some people are exploring a new way to commemorate those who've passed away -- by having them turned into diamonds.

Scott Fong is the director of Algordanza, Hong Kong's only maker of "remembrance diamonds," reports CNN.

His company sends ashes from a cremated body to their Swiss lab, where the body's carbon is filtered to more than 99 per cent purity. It is then exposed to volcanic heat and pressure. In approximately nine hours, a quarter-carat diamond is born.

While the Canadian arm of Algordanza Memorial Diamonds' website gives no set cost for the process, CNN reports that it can range from $3,000 to $37,000 depending on the size of the gem.

What do you think of memorial diamonds? Would you consider having a loved one -- or your own body -- commemorated in this way?

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