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Royal security: Do you think the king-sized security precautions are excessive?

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Security will be critical for the royal wedding. Armed police officers patrol a side street near Westminster Abbey in London, April 26. (Andrew Winning/Reuters)

The security operation surrounding the Royal Wedding -- which incorporates hundreds of thousands of people along the procession route and around Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace -- involves precautionary measures on a grand scale.

As part of the mammoth but intricate effort on and leading up to April 29, security and police officials have spent 22 weeks planning for the many possible threats in consideration, including a terrorist attack.

With police snipers taking wide-ranging positions on rooftops, more than 30 sniffer dogs on alert and three EC-145 helicopters equipped with sophisticated imagery and recording equipment, any sources of suspicion will be met with a thorny resistance.

The police have been carrying out systematic searches of sewers, drains, lamp posts and other fixed objects for explosives. They are closed off, and tamper-proof stickers are then affixed on the covers or doors.

Many security experts say the most difficult threat to address is posed by those obsessive, lone operators who are fixated on the royal family.

Britain's Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre and MI5 rate the international terrorist threat level as "severe," which "means that a terrorist attack is highly likely." The threat level has been at severe since January 2010.

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How are the royals coping with security preparations in advance of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding? Do you think the king-sized security precautions are excessive? Why or why not? Please provide comments below.

(This survey is not scientific. The results are based on readers' responses.)

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