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Laura Payton

Laura Payton Laura has been covering politics since 2007, working in a number of newsrooms around Parliament Hill. Originally from Saskatchewan, she studied journalism at Carleton University and then briefly covered crime and animal stories in Vancouver before missing politics and returning to the capital. When not chasing politicians down hallways, she's trying out new recipes or watching bad reality TV.

Liberal official agent faces charges over 2006 campaign

The official agent for a 2006 federal Liberal candidate in Quebec is facing seven charges under the Canada Elections Act for failing to open and use a bank account for the candidate, failing to pay claims and failing to file information demanded by Elections Canada, the commissioner for Canada Elections said Friday.

Peter Penashue responds to constituents in statement

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue, under fire in the House of Commons for weeks now over his election campaign finances, said last week that he would talk to his constituents in Labrador today. Instead, he issued a statement saying he is surprised and disappointed about the allegations that have arisen since the campaign. Hit the jump to read it.

When was Rona Ambrose last asked about her status of women file?

Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose, under opposition attack for voting in favour of a Conservative MP's motion to study the definition of when life begins, said Thursday in the House she hadn't gotten any questions from the opposition on her file this year or last.

We went through Hansard to check. Hit the jump to see what we found.

'Nobody's anti-life and nobody's anti-choice'

Conservative MP Laurie Hawn gave an interesting scrum today in which he explained why he's voting in favour of Stephen Woodward's Motion 312 to set up a parliamentary committee to study the Criminal Code's definition of when life begins.

Hit the jump to read more.

I thought we were done with anonymous Liberals

A mysterious new site called got some attention Thursday. Click to see what people had to say about it.

When should a private issue become public?

The Canadian Press has a look back at questions over Jack Layton's health one year after his death. The story raises interesting questions about why Canadians get so angry at reporters who ask politicians whether they are up to running a country in the wake of a major illness. Hit the jump for more.

Patrick Brazeau returns to Twitter


Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau weighs in for his boxing match against Liberal MP Justin Trudeau in March. The outspoken senator quit Twitter last month after courting controversy with his frank comments. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

The honourable senator from Repentigny, Que., is back on the social network after a brief pause. Click for more on his return.

'If we want an effective inquiry...'

In 1994, Liberal Defence Minister David Collenette called an inquiry into what happened at a Canadian military compound in Somalia.

Hit the jump to see what young Reform Party MP Stephen Harper had to say about delays in inquiries.

Securing an estimate on the Old Age Security change

The headline may look like five-day old news, but it's taken that long to get confirmation of a number Finance Minister Jim Flaherty referred to earlier this week. Hit the jump for more.

F-35 Flashback: Peter MacKay on Power & Politics

Defence Minister Peter MacKay sat down with Evan Solomon, host of Power & Politics, the day the government announced its intention to buy 65 F-35 joint strike fighter jets. Given what we know now, it's an interesting chat. Hit the jump to watch.