Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Yesterday we asked: How long do you think Canada will be involved in a military mission against ISIS?

Here are the results:

Less than 6 months: 30 votes (3%)
Less than 2 years: 39 votes (4%)
More than 2 years: 848 votes (91%)
Not sure: 13 votes (1%)

Total votes: 930

NDP bid to boost Speaker's powers to meet its fate tonight

Thanks to a bit of procedural fancy footwork by Government House Leader Peter Van Loan on Monday, MPs won't find out whether they'll get to vote on the New Democratic Party's bid to give House Speaker Andrew Scheer the power to police Question Period until this evening, when they will first be asked to weigh in on Van Loan's motion to put the question.

If that motion fails, the NDP proposal will be unceremoniously dropped from the Order Paper without going to the House for a final verdict, a move that would spare government members from having to lodge a recorded vote against it.

Before that gets underway, however, the Commons will spend the day going through the legislative to-do list, starting with the Canada-Korea free trade deal, which is now under notice of time allocation despite the fact that all three parties support it, at least in principle.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Yesterday we asked: Was it right to fly EU delegates home on a government plane?

- Yes: 91 votes (4%)
- No: 1993 votes (95%)
- Not sure: 7 votes (0%) 

MPs to debate boosting Speaker's power to police the House

After what one can only hope was a weekend of sombre reflection on the state of Canada's parliamentary democracy, MPs return to the Hill to debate an NDP motion that would boost the disciplinary power of House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer by allowing him to intervene to enforce the 'relevancy' rules during Question Period.  

Before that gets underway, however, the House will turn its attention to Senator Nancy Greene Raine's bid to create National Health and Fitness Day, which was passed by the Upper House last June, and has now been put forward for the consideration of the Commons by Conservative MP John Weston.

Later this afternoon, Finance committee members will launch their traditional autumn round of pre-budget consultations, with former parliamentary budget officer turned University of Ottawa research chair Kevin Page expected to make an appearance as part of a panel that also includes representatives from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Fraser Institute and the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

Over the course of the extended three-hour session, MPs will also hear from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, as well as the Canadian Union of Public Employees, among others.

Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Friday we asked: 
Do you support Canada sending CF-18s in the military action against ISIS?

- Yes: 1429 votes (55%)
- No: 1134 votes (44%)
- Not sure: 27 votes (1%)

Protesters descend on Hill to rally against PM's Canada-EU summit

Fresh from his three-day stint at the United Nations General Assembly opening in New York City, Prime Minister Stephen Harper returns to the capital to host a one-day Canada-European Union summit with visiting EU officials Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso -- the presidents of the European Council and European Commission, respectively.  

Although other international issues will likely be discussed during the closed-door sessions, the agenda-topper from the PM's perspective will likely be the still-not-yet-ratified Canada -- European Union free trade deal, the final text of which is expected to released as part of today's meetings.

After a quick round of tete-a-tete-a-tete meetings, the trio are expected to deliver a joint statement on the Hill, after which they'll head off to Toronto for an an evening event at the Royal York Hotel.

Not everyone is keen to celebrate the latest progress on a deal, however.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Yesterday we asked: Do you trust the World Health Organization to contain the Ebola outbreak?

- Yes: 128 votes (32%)
- No: 239 votes (60%)
- Not sure: 32 votes (8%)

Justin Trudeau hits the pre-byelection hustings in Whitby - Oshawa

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau heads to the byelection-awaiting riding of Whitby -- Oshawa, where he'll start his day by taking part in a Q&A at Durham College alongside his party's chosen standard-bearer, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, before making his way to the local chamber of commerce for a closed-door "roundtable discussion."

Later tonight, he'll join Caesar-Chavannes for an 'Art Battle' fundraiser, and then head to the Royal Oak for  a "meet and greet" with "local Liberal supporters."

Back in Ottawa, MPs will spend a second day discussing the proposed Canada - Korea free trade deal, which was introduced in the House earlier this week, and which will seemingly garner the support of all three major parties when it finally goes to a vote.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Yesterday we asked: Should Canada contribute more to the coalition fighting ISIS?

- Yes: 336 votes (22%)
- No: 1154 votes (77%)
- Not sure: 13 votes (1%)

PM heads to NYC for Q&A with Wall Street Journal editor

A day before he's slated to join the queue of world leaders slated to address the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to New York to take part in a mid-afternoon Q&A with Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker.

Back in Ottawa, meanwhile, a group of 20 Canadian self-styled "foreign policy experts," whose numbers, the advisory states, include "former cabinet ministers, senior civil society representatives, professors of international relations, former Canadian ambassadors and other former senior government and UN officials" will offer him advice from afar on "what Canada should be saying and doing to help regain its place as a leader at the United Nations."

Also on the Hill media circuit today: First Nations Chiefs Roland Wilson, Liz Logan and Stewart Philip outline their objections to the Site C Dam, and explain why, in their view, "it should not be built and why Canada must honour Treaty 8."

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