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Yesterday we asked: Should the government make prostitution illegal? Here are the results: Yes: 17% (353 votes) No: 81% (1703 votes) Not sure: 2% (47 votes)
As the snow swirls around the capital, all eyes will be on the Supreme Court this morning for the reveal of a long-awaited ruling on the rights of sex workers that could lead to a full overhaul of Canada's prostitution laws.

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In a last-minute pre-holiday news blitz, the National Energy Board is scheduled to release its much-anticipated report on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway later today, which will doubtless spark a flurry of reaction on the federal political scene.

Before that gets underway, however, the political spotlight will fall on the Burnaby constituency office of New Democrat MP Peter Julian, who is set to reveal whether or not he intends to step down to run for leader of the embattled provincial NDP, which seemed poised to seize power earlier this year, only to see its seemingly sweeping support collapse at the ballot box. 

Earlier this fall, his west coast caucus colleague Nathan Cullen made it clear that he's not interested in switching to the provincial political circuit, but Julian has been less than categorical in his comments on the issue to date. 

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Cancel -- or, at least, postpone -- that parliamentary holiday shutdown: there's a don't-call-it-an-emergency committee meeting on the agenda!

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As reported yesterday, Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra will make his first public comments on those proposed Canada Post service cuts during a special pre-holiday session of the House transport committee this afternoon. 

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Yesterday we asked: How much discretion should judges have when imposing penalties? Here are the results: More: 88% Less: 8% Same as now: 3% Not sure: 2% Total votes: 1050
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