Looming fundraising report deadline sparks NDP, Liberal pleas

With the June 30th cut-off for the next round of quarterly political financing reports fast approaching, both the New Democrats and the Liberals are using what is, at the end of the day, an administrative deadline to launch dueling final notice-style appeals to their respective supporters, imploring them to give a little more to ensure a respectable showing when the numbers are released later this summer.

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Allez Les Aigles! NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to take in baseball game in Trois-Rivieres

On the eve of the Canada Day long weekend, the lone representative on the ministerial good news circuit is Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose, who drops by Vancouver-based MOSAIC with fresh support for what the notice describes as "a project ... to end violence committed in the name of so called 'honour'".

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Welcome to Canada, shiny new Chinook chopper!

With the Senate Chamber now safely shuttered for the summer -- although not, it's worth noting, without a last-minute outbreak of political drama -- the parliamentary season has officially ended, leaving those precinct denizens still on the clock with little to do but count down the remaining hours until the Hill is overtaken entirely by Canada (or, if you prefer, Dominion) Day festivities.

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Storify'd: Twitterverse reacts to Senate vote on #C-377 (union disclosure)

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Trio of ministers headed to Calgary to tour flood damage

As estimates of the potential economic impact of the Calgary floods -- both to the city and the country -- continue to grow, a trio of ministers -- Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Minister of State for Finance Ted Menzies -- will take questions from local media on the federal government's response to the situation while touring the region this afternoon.

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Details of offshore asset tax crackdown to be unveiled today

The Conservative convention may have been yanked from the pre-summer political schedule, but the ministerial circuit will continue, albeit at a more relaxed pace than is generally the case during the regular parliamentary season.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

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Liberal senator balks at Senate security advice to avoid First Nations marchers

A Liberal senator has issued a polite, yet pointed rebuke to Senate security for suggesting that she and her Upper House colleagues "avoid any interaction" with the hundreds of protesters expected to hit the Hill this afternoon as part of the Million First People's March to mark National Aboriginal Day.

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Calgary floods could nix next week's Tory convention

With less than a week to go before thousands of card-carrying Conservatives are set to descend on currently flood-ravaged downtown Calgary, convention organizers aren't yet ready to say whether the three-day policy confab will go ahead as scheduled.   

First Nations marchers mark National Aboriginal Day with Hill rally

As the Senate continues to crunch its way through the remaining items of business on the legislative agenda, New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair will make his way to Victoria Island, where he will, according to the advisory, "join Canadians from across the country as they ... show solidarity with First Nations" by taking part in the Paddling For Our Waters March, which will wrap up with a mid-afternoon rally on Parliament Hill.

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