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Top Kenney aide Howard Anglin to head up legal affairs at PMO

Hot off the prime ministerial presses comes word that Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has lost his chief of staff to the lures of Langevin Block.

According to an internal memo sent out this afternoon, Anglin is currently settling into his new position as special advisor within the PMO policy team, where he will handle "all matters relating to Justice, Public Safety and Immigration," as well as manage files related to ongoing litigation.

Anglin, who joined Kenney's office just before the last election, made at least one headline back in 2008 when he attempted to convince a Commons human rights subcommittee that Omar Khadr did not qualify as a 'child soldier, ' which resulted in a lively exchange with Liberal justice critic Irwin Cotler. 

As blogger Aaron Wherry reported in 2011, during his pre-staffer days, Anglin contributed conservative-leaning commentary to both the Daily Caller and National Review.

In 2006, he and current PMO planning director Alykhan Velshi teamed up to critique a US Supreme Court ruling that found the military commissions established by the Bush administration to try Guantanamo Bay detainees were in violation of both US military law and the Geneva Convention.

The two were briefly reunited in Kenney's office, where Velshi worked as communications director until after the election, when he spent a few months in the private sector before signing on as the PM's director of planning.

Congratulations all 'round! (And good luck filling those elegantly trimmed wingtips, minister.)

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