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Rebranded Canada Gazette website touts minister, Tory 'priorities'

As spotted by my hyperobservant CBC colleague Chris Hall, it appears that the venerable Canada Gazette is the latest website to be conscripted into serving as an online billboard for the government's seemingly permanent self-promotion campaign. 

Newly added to the right-hand sidebar -- which, up until last week, provided links to insertion guidelines, deadlines, RSS feeds and other dry but useful bits of strictly Gazette-centric information -- are colourful, eye-catching ads for current Conservative 'priorities' -- skills training, flood protection and the national park system, at least at press time, as well as a picture of a beaming Rona Ambrose: 


For comparison purposes, here's what the site looked like on May 15th, courtesy of Google Cache: 


The verdict: As far as I can tell, none of the relevant data has actually been removed from the site, although it may be difficult for longtime readers to get used to the new layout.  

The format of the publication itself, meanwhile, appears unchanged. 

Earlier this year, the Gazette announced that, in an effort to cut costs, it would no longer publish a print version. 

According to the latest notice on the site, the transition is scheduled to take place next April, which will presumably gives new visitors to the site sufficient time to acclimatize to the brave, new, hard copy-free world. 

And if, while perusing the latest proposed regulatory changes, deregistered corporations and other government notices, those new visitors should happen to find themselves suddenly presented with the details of the latest good news from the government, well, so much the better.  


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