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Queen denies May's request for royal inquiry into 'election infractions'

Despite an impassioned personal plea from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, it would seem that Queen Elizabeth has no current interest in setting up a royal commission to investigate a laundry list of lingering controversies from robocalls to the PM's "unprecedented prorogations" that, according to May, have caused "many Canadians" to fret that their democracy is in danger.  

Last August, May wrote to the Queen, care of Buckingham Palace, to report "a matter of grave importance of Canadians" -- specifically, that "the mechanisms Canada had in place to ensure free and fair democratic elections appear to be failing" -- and request that Her Majesty commission a royal inquiry to look into "what may potentially be criminal activities which influenced Canada's last election." 

A few weeks ago, she got a reply -- and not just a boilerplate acknowledgement or form letter, but a thorough, personalized response penned by one Jennie Vine, deputy to the senior correspondence officer at Buckingham Palace. 

In the letter, Vine assures May that the Queen "has taken careful note of [her] concerns ... over the fairness of the Canadian democratic electoral process," but explains that this is "not a matter in which [she] would intervene." 

Instead, she suggests that May "direct her appeal" to the attention of the Governor General, as the Queen's "personal representative, and notes that she has been "instructed" to pass the original letter along to the current GG "so that he may be aware of [her] approach to the Queen, and may consider the points [she] raises."

(Given that May had already cc'd Rideau Hall on her original letter, it seems unlikely that he wouldn't already be aware of her correspondence with the Queen, but on the off chance that it ended up in his spam filter, he now has a second copy for his perusal.) 

The full response, as posted to May's website: 

Reply to Green Party Leader Elizabeth May from Buckingham Palace by CBCPolitics

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