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UPDATED - Trudeau "happy to explain himself" to committee, campaign confirms

Pack your bags, "Senior Liberal MP David McGuinty and Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau" -- as of this afternoon, you can consider yourselves officially invited to make a voluntary appearance before the natural resources committee to explain your (respective) public musings on Albertan politicians. 

From the just published minutes of the in camera portion of today's meeting: 

It was agreed, -- That the Committee, in light of the comments by Senior Liberal MP David McGuinty and Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau, conduct hearings on the economic benefits that flow from Alberta's energy sector across Canada; that Members of Parliament David McGuinty and Justin Trudeau be invited as witnesses to explain their comments; and that the Committee report its findings to the House in order to ensure that all Members of Parliament and Canadians are informed of these economic benefits.

Readers may recall that when the motion first surfaced earlier this week, Liberal MP John McKay successfully staved off a vote by moving amendment after amendment to protest what he dismissed as a partisan witch hunt. Apparently, at some point between then and now, he had a change of heart, as the timestamps reveal that it took just eight minutes to pass the motion during the closed-door session. 

The motion is, of course, not binding, as MPs cannot be compelled to appear at committee. It also doesn't set a date, although presumably, the Conservatives who came up with the idea would prefer to strike while the iron -- or, in this case, the quotes in question -- are hot. 

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Trudeau campaign sends along this response: 

Even though this government has no respect for Parliament, we do. And Justin will be happy to go explain himself and share his vision for natural resources in Canada when we are given the details of the request.

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