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For more reaction, including the full text of the prisoner transfer decision, statements from Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, Liberal Leader Bob Rae, US Department of Defence, and the official talking points issued by PMO, click here
UPDATE: Scroll down for more reaction -- including the statement from the US defence department, the PMO talking points and, just now, the official response from interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae.

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Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose, under opposition attack for voting in favour of a Conservative MP's motion to study the definition of when life begins, said Thursday in the House she hadn't gotten any questions from the opposition on her file this year or last.

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Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault took to the twitterwaves today to launch a new round of consultations on how to improve Canada's access to info regime. Using the hashtag #RTK (right to know), she took questions from inquisitive Canadians on everything from fees to electronic record.

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We asked: Have this week's meat recalls affected your eating habits?

a) Yes - 49%
b) No - 39%
c) Not sure- 11%

(Note: This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)
Inspired, it seems, by his former caucus colleague's ill-fated attempt at special committee creation, Independent MP Peter Goldring has adopted the same procedural strategy -- and, indeed, much of the same wording -- in crafting a pitch, in the form of a private members' motion, for full parliamentary review of the controversial CNOOC/Nexen takeover bid:  

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As the curtain falls on the second week of the fall sitting, both the prime minister and the leader of the official opposition are Toronto-bound, where NDP Leader Tom Mulcair will address members of the Canadian Club of Toronto at a lunch event, and the PM is set to speak at the Team Canada '72 Gala Dinner.

Back on Parliament Hill, MPs will spend the day debating the government's proposal to further tighten the rules governing political loans, which is expected to get the necessary second-reading approval to be dispatched to committee for further study.

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We asked: Do you trust Canada's food inspection system?

a) Yes - 10%
b) No - 89%
c) Not sure- 1%

(Note: This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)
In the aftermath of his motion to consider redefining the legal definition of human being going down to not quite so categorical a defeat than some observers had expected, Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth convenes what would seem to be his final press conference on the issue this morning, during which he will almost certainly reiterate the message that was dispatched under his name in news release form following the vote; namely, that he has no intention of retreating from the battlefield. 

Back in the Commons, Chamber denizens will resume consideration of the government's bid to "help  families in need" by ensuring paid leave for parents contending with a seriously ill or kidnapped child, which, thanks to the preliminary support of the opposition, will soon be sent to committee. 

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Hot off the Hansard presses, the vote list:

UPDATE: For your perusing pleasure, yea-voting ministers are in bold, and similarly minded Liberals in italics. (As the NDP was unanimous in its opposition, no special designation is required.) 

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