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'If we want an effective inquiry...'

In 1994, Liberal Defence Minister David Collenette called an inquiry into what happened at a Canadian military compound in Somalia. A young Reform Party MP had some concerns about possible delays, since the inquiry would have to wait until the last of the soldiers involved was able to appeal his court martial.

"We're 18 months away from the events, we're dealing with allegations of cover-up, and if we want to an effective inquiry, you can't leave more and more months to cover trails," Stephen Harper told reporters in the House of Commons foyer on Nov. 17, 1994.

About 17 and a half years later, the Military Police Complaints Commission has cleared the Canadian Forces military police of any wrongdoing in transferring Canadian-detained prisoners to the custody of Afghan national security forces.

The commission did, however, note that in the process of conducting its inquiry, it at one point went 21 months without receiving a single piece of paper it had asked the government for.
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