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Sarah Polley picks Peggy Nash for NDP leader

Actor, director and social activist Sarah Polley is throwing her support behind Peggy Nash in the NDP's leadership contest.

Polley put out a statement Wednesday announcing her endorsement. She said she believes that of all eight candidates in the race (originally there were nine but Robert Chisholm dropped out last month), Nash is the one with the greatest ability to reach out to people who may not have supported the NDP in the past.

Nash-Polley-Composite.jpg"Peggy is an intensely principled leader with proven respect for grassroots social movements," Polley said.

"I believe Peggy has the experience and toughness needed to defeat Stephen Harper in the next federal election and become our next Prime Minister," she went on to say.

"Whether it's on the environment or the economy, Peggy has shown consistently and effectively her ability to fight Harper on critical issues."

Polley, a Toronto resident, described Nash's support of Canada's artistic community as "unfailing."

Polley, who turns 33 on Sunday, began acting as a child, she starred in Road to Avonlea, and she also got involved in politics at an early age.

She knew Jack Layton and when making her film Take This Waltz in Toronto, he was among those who offered up his home with Olivia Chow when Polley was on the lookout for a shooting location.

Nash, the MP for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto, thanked Polley for her support and said she was honoured to have it.

"Sarah's work as a cultural ambassador for Canada on the world stage and lifelong commitment to social justice make her a national treasure," Nash said.

Nash's competition includes: Niki Ashton, Nathan Cullen, Paul Dewar, Thomas Mulcair, Romeo Saganash, Martin Singh and Brian Topp.

The NDP's next leader will be elected in March at a convention in Toronto.

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