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Sheila Copps picks up 'honourable' endorsements

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Hot on the heels of a big-name endorsement in competitor Mike Crawley's camp Tuesday, Liberal party presidential candidate Sheila Copps came out with a list of 49 56 endorsements of her own.

The list on Copps' campaign website features a rather liberal usage of the title "honourable."

Most style guidelines, including those of Heritage Canada, support using the "honourable" honorific for Senators, Supreme or Federal Court judges, and privy councillors (a title bestowed for life after one's swearing in as a cabinet minister or another senior role requiring top security clearance.)

Not all of the current and former MPs on this endorsement list are privy councillors. Indeed, those who are also have the initials P.C. after their names. (Current list of privy councillors here.)

While Copps is seen as a leading contender, who knew endorsing her bestowed such honours?

Liberals will elect the new party president at their biennial convention in Ottawa Jan. 13-15. 

UPDATE: The list, still dated Jan. 3, seems to have been updated to remove the extra honorifics - and to drop four names from the previous list of 56: MPs Scott Andrews and Sean Casey and former MPs Jean Augustine and Yasmin Ratansi - although the promise of "many more to come..." remains.

A call to the Copps campaign yielded a full voice mailbox. We've sent an email and will update further when we hear back.

UPDATED UPDATE: Malcolm Bernard, a spokesman for Sheila Copps, said the site has been updated and now includes all 56 names, including Andrews, Casey, Augustine and Ratansi.

Bernard said the site is organized by volunteers and "the endorsements are pouring in."

"We're making sure we're getting it right," he said. "We're sorting (the list) all out and adding to it in in real time, and they're editing it as best they can," he said.

There will be more endorsements, Bernard said.

"Lots of organizations update their sites throughout the day, including the CBC," noted Bernard.

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