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Belinda Stronach's pick for Liberal prez.

Former Liberal MP Belinda Stronach is weighing in on her party's presidency race, offering an endorsement of Mike Crawley on Tuesday.

Crawley posted a message from Stronach on his website indicating he is her choice over Sheila Copps, Ron Hartling, Alexandra Mendes and Charles Ward.
Here's what Stronach said about the Toronto resident:
Mike Crawley is my choice for President of the Liberal Party of Canada. His dedication and commitment to modernizing the party and ensuring our members have a direct voice in policy development and the election of our Leader are issues that I also feel strongly about. Mike has the energy and proven long term track record of dedication to the Liberal Party which will make him an excellent President during this crucial time in our Party's history.I urge all delegates to vote for Mike this January.
Alf Apps' replacement as Liberal Party president will be elected at a biennial convention in Ottawa that begins Jan. 13.
It's the second time in less than a week that Stronach, president and CEO of the Stronach Group and a former Liberal cabinet minister, has weighed in on the direction she thinks the Liberals should take.
Last week in the Globe and Mail she wrote that the party should adopt a policy that MPs be limited to two consecutive terms.
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